Master and Chela by Kuthumi Lal Singh, Bridge to Freedom, Inc., Kings Park, New York, 1950s, dictated to Geraldine Innocente

The chapters of this work are: A. The Emotional Body, B. Assistance of a Master, C. Human Judgment, D. The Law of Balance, E. Individual Consciousness, F. Flames, G. Helping the Plan of the Master, H. Forcefields, I. Angels, J. Changing Life's Limitations, K. Entering the Great Silence, L. Efficient Study, M. Pictures & Statues of Masters, N. Group Activity, O. Developing the Powers Within, P. Gaining the Master's Momentum, Q. Our Quest (Introduction) is by El Morya, R. Desire of Material Posessions, S. The Amount of Service Required, T. Expanding the Light of the World, U. Inner Promptings, V. The Sacred Fire, W. Use of the Sacred Fire, X. The Casual Body, Y. Thy Kingdom Come. Chapter Z is by Lord Maitreya, Kuthumi's Master: Consecrate Yourself to Service.

Introduction by El Morya (this is chapter Q: Our Quest)

The standard set for the chela who is going to serve the masses in Our name is high! An individual who is teaching a horse to jump causes the animal to hurdle rail after rail & the horse is taught to combine muscle, sinew, nerve & intelligence until he can vault over higher & higher obstacles. In your own training for mastery as you increase in your capacity to jump over low hurdles We give you new strength & counsel to increase your spiritual knowledge & capability to serve & surmount the higher hurdles upon life's path.

Our instruction & corrections are provided not to depress & fill you with self-depreciation but rather to give to you the realization that you have mastered the hurdle laid down for you previously & have jumped over it with ease. The master then feels that it is time to place a higher rail for you to clear so that in the final steeplechase you may surmount the highest obstruction with dignity, poise & efficacy & be of credit to those of Us who have loved you well enough to take the responsibility for your training & development.

Do you know how much love it takes to spur a lifestream on? Some of you who have worked with the public thru the years have some concept of the energies required to sustain the interest, enthusiasm & service of many individuals. Many of you know what tenacity of spirit & faith of consciousness is required to stand for weeks, months & years pouring forth your life-breath into the souls of men & women, spurring them on despite the restrictions of your own karma & theirs as well, holding & sustain them on the spiritual path.

This is Our service from the ascended masters' octave. It is your service in your group endeavors & it is likewise the service which is expected from every student in relation to his fellowman. Easier far would it be to turn one's back upon mankind's distress & enjoy a personal nirvana! Easier far would it be to fold one's cloak about one & gaze in imagination at the snowcapped peaks of Himalayan Mountains than to work in the valley where disease, distress & death stalk the human race & where mankind mills about seeking a way back Home! You, beloved ones, are among the few lifestream scattered across the face of the Earth whom mankind will one day bless. Despite your own personal depletions you have been firm in inspiring spiritual application for the many, often hiding your own limitations behind a front of bravery so as not to scandalize the doubtful consciousness of those not yet grounded in understanding of the law. When these brave lifestreams flag in their enthusiasm they always have My enthusiasm & all the power & all the mastery that is Mine to help them!

(How prophetic of Master Morya El, for indeed Geraldine Innocente did flag seriously in her effort to take the dictation of chapter Q from Kuthumi--this chapter entitled "The Second Death" was entirely bogus & not from Kuthumi in actuality but was from a psychic imposter; it is herein replaced by Morya's Introduction which chapter now is renamed "Q. Our Quest"; Victory to Maitreya & Mother! -online publisher, R.P.)

A. The Emotional Body

Beloved Master, how can I individually contribute to the light of the world?

Blessed disciple! Our Lord Sanat Kumara has said that light is primarily released thru the feeling world. The cultivation of those qualities of feeling which are like unto the nature of God Himself-- peace, purity, harmony, balance, love, tolerance, kindness, compassion, mercy & understanding--makes your feeling world emit light. The endeavor to transfer & convey your feelings of hope, faith, confidence & loyal to God into the consciousness & feelings of all you contact makes you thus not only a light shining in the darkness but also a light conductor igniting the souls of men to like endeavor.

Beloved Master, how can one control the feelings which rise unbidden from the undisciplined soul & rush forth to add to the shadows of this earthplane?

Blessed disciple! There is but One Power by which you can accomplish anything. That is the power of God that flows thru your own individualized Presence & gives life to your feeling world. When you return the authority for the qualification of that life to your Presence & refuse to allow your feeling world the license to which it is accustomed in the seizing & misqualifying of pure God-life, then that beautiful Presence controls for you & thru you your emotions.

Beloved Master! I feel that the emotional body is an enemy to spiritual progress. Like St. Augustine I am torn between what I know is right & what I constantly do in the generation of discord which is wrong. "The good I would I do not, & that which I would not that I do."

Blessed disciple! This is not a correct attitude. It creates a rebellion in your feeling world. Your emotional body was created by God for a definite purpose. The emotional body was designed to emulate the feelings of God & to expand the qualities of the God-nature in whatever sphere the individual consciousness is functioning. The mental body was designed to create form, the feeling body to nourish that form with qualified life. It is primarily a gift of the Holy Spirit & when one sins in feeling he commits the sin against the Holy Ghost which the orthodox world has described as unforgiveable.

Beloved Master! Is there then such a thing as an unforgiveable sin of thought, feeling or action?

Blessed disciple! No, because only perfection is eternal. Every mistake no matter how great is transitory & passing. The very law of compassion & mercy which is the gift of the Seventh Ray is the manifest proof that all sins, mistakes & errors can & will be wiped out when the individual chooses to apply for the way & means to do so. (St. Germain in Pearls of Wisdom, Oct 3, 1965 stated: "Separation from God is the original sin or sin against the Holy Spirit," unforgiveable in the sense that there is no replacement for union.)

The sins of the feeling nature however are the most difficult to overcome because the emotional body of mankind has ruled the mind & senses for many centuries. The emotional body is also the recipient of over 80% of the energies of the lifestream released thru the silver cord into the use & control of the outer consciousness. It is therefore the most powerful of the instruments thru which the soul seeks expression & ultimate mastery over energy, substance & vibration. It is a better friend & servant than adversary.

O beloved Master! How then may I make my emotional body my friend & servant?

Blessed disciple, by understanding that all your bodies, mental, emotional, physical & etheric, are the servants of the Holy Presence which made you & which gives to you life, intelligence & being. Return then the authority for the use of those bodies to that Presence & check your thoughts, feelings & actions daily with what your conscience & heart tell you would be the thoughts, feeling & actions of your own Christ. Gradually they will be trained in serving Him.

B. Assistance of a Master

Beloved Master, in my association with the ascended masters how may I avoid breaking the first commandment?

Beloved chela, walking on the spiritual path requires the utmost discrimination & balance. The development of this balance is the duty & responsibility of each chela. Every true master will turn the consciousness of the chela back toward the God that made them both. When an individual, visible or invisible, tends to encourage the student to lean upon a consciousness outside of himself, beware!

Beloved Master, when the curtain has been drawn aside & we are privileged to know a little something of the perfection & beauty of the ascended masters it is difficult for us not to worship that expression!

Beloved chela, even the Master Jesus was required to admonish his followers from time to time in the words "Call not me good" & in the further reminder "It is not I, it is the Father within that doeth the works." It is right & proper to love, reverence & have faith in one's teacher. It is the proper balance for the instruction & blessings received. The master however must be looked upon as a pattern which the student must duplicate, not admire.

Beloved Master, as You have become that which we desire to be it is our desire to do that which You would have us do, be what You would have us become, imitate You in all our ways.

Beloved chela, the ascended master has become one with the will of God. He therefore will never desire for you anything but that which your own Holy Christ Self desires to manifest thru you. The advantage of the counsel & instruction of the ascended master is your protection & guidance during the time when you may not yet be able to discern from within yourself just exactly what the Christ Self may desire to do thru you.

There are two roads open before the chela. He may prefer to rely only upon that contact which he can develop from entering the silence & communing there with his indwelling Christ, relying upon his intuition & capacity to discern between the Voice of the silence & the voice of his many selves, or he may accept the assistance of the ascended master who has already fully access to the Christ mind. This master may suggest a course of action which will be beneficial to the spiritual development of the chela. A real master will never order nor compel thru superstition or fear a course of action which a chela should follow. All cooperation with The Great White Brotherhood is voluntary & proceeds from a desire upon the part of the chela to know how to proceed up the mount of attainment more quickly.

The students on the path may be divided generally into two groups--those who accept the assistance & superior wisdom of guides who have gone the way before & who by such acceptance strike straight up the mountain, & those who prefer to set their own pqace & proceed around the moutain without the assistance of such volunteers from Above. Either course is safe, either is sure, but the bold who grasp the hands of the master find attainment more quickly although the arduous climb may sometimes tell on their spirits before they stand on the summit.

Master and Chela: