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H. Forcefields

Beloved Master, what is an individual's sphere of influence?

Blessed chela, the individual's sphere of influence is synonymous with his personal aura. Each individualized intelligence magnetizes thru the immortal Threefold Flame within the heart a certain amount of life-energy which he qualifies according to freewill. This energy passes thru his physical, mental, emotional & etheric envelopes into the atmosphere around him & becomes his sphere of influence upon life in general.

Beloved Master, how can such an individual sphere of influence be of beneficial effect upon life?

Blessed chela, all self-conscious intelligences taking the responsibility for calling forth & qualifying life are an influence upon the general atmosphere & environment in which they function because they are radiating centers of energy. The quality & type of radiation is determined by the freewill choice of the qualifying intelligence. As energy is constantly flowing thru the individual it is flowing into the atmosphere & environment in which the intelligent consciousness abides. To become a beneficial influence on life one must learn to consciously qualify this energy constructively.

Beloved Master, what are the qualifying centers by which an individual may consciously control the type of energy & influence which he sends forth?

Blessed chela, all of the lower bodies of an individual help to mold primal life, qualify energy & catapult it forth for good or evil. For instance, the mental body either creates or accepts thoughtforms which radiate the particular quality of energy representative of the activity depicted by thought. The emotional body radiates the quality of energy which is representative of the feeling entertained. The etheric body radiates the quality of reminiscence which the consciousness entertains in memory. The physical body radiates the type of energy representative of the substance absorbed & the actions in which the body is engaged. This conglomerate mass of energies spewed forth into the aura or sphere of influence of the individual forms a sphere of radiation which presses upon & affects the atmosphere, home, environment & associates of that individual stimulating them to either greater spiritual aspiration or to deeper ensnarement in the appetites of the sense. The seizing of the control of the qualifying centers of thought, feeling, memory & action by the I AM consciousness is the first step in the creation of a sphere of influence which is beneficial to the race.

Beloved Master, what service does a controlled sphere of influence render mankind?

Blessed chela, a controlled, constructive, harmonious, positive sphere of influence does exactly what its name implies--influences the generation of similar qualities of faith, hope, charity, harmony, spiritual aspiration in those it contacts. The power of contagion so aptly demonstrated in the transference of fear & panic thru mass hysteria is equally applicable in the transference of God's qualities & nature.

Beloved Master, is there any manner by which an already polluted aura or sphere of influence may be transmuted?

Blessed chela, the use of the violet transmuting flame performs the same service to the destructively qualified energy in the aura as a combination of chemicals that is called a cleaning fluid renders to soiled garments. Cleansing the aura of impurities & consciously charging constructive qualities into the aura is a great service to those of Us who must use the individual auras of students as conductors of Our blessings to the race.

Beloved Master, what is the difference between a sphere of influence & a forcefield?

There is really no difference. The beloved Maha Chohan has chosen to use the word forcefield to convey the picture of the battery of constructively charged energy gathered together in cooperative service to mankind. The forcefield is made up of blended energies gathered together by angel devas & builders of form. These combine the decrees, visualizations, invocations, songs & general application of a group of students who wish to form a radiating center for God-blessings in their locality. In exactly the same manner that the individual sphere of influence is a combination of the energies released thru the contributing centers of thought, feeling & action so is the corporate forcefield of the group composed of the consciousness & application of every member of that group.

Beloved Master, what service does such a forcefield render to the world?

Blessed chela, a forcefield renders several services. First it is a magnetic center which draws the Presence of the ascended masters, angelic beings & all divine intelligences who desire always to find an open door thru which to pour Their radiation & blessings to mankind. As the pollen in flowers draws bees so does such a consciously created forcefield draw the Presence of the beings to whom it is dedicated & for whom it has been formed. Second, it forms a concentrate of consciously qualified God-energy which is funneled down from octaves of Light & which provides a spiritual nourishment to all those who enter that forcefield beyond the natural radiation ordinarily present in the sphere in which the individual dwells. Third, it forms a radiating center of these same God-qualities into the atmosphere & locality in which it has been builded. It acts as the physical sun itself sending forth light, warmth, nourishment & God-gifts into the city, town or village where it has been created & where it is sustained by rhythmic attention to its presence. Fourth, it provides an everpresent conductor which the guardian intelligences of this universe may use upon a moment's notice to flash forth protection, purification, balance, healing or harmony when the need arises. Thus much time is saved which would ordinarily have to be employed in creating such a funnel thru which to give blessing & protection in times of crises.

Beloved Master, what form does such a forcefield take?

Blessed chela, it takes different forms according to the particular types of students who are developing such a magnetic & radiating center. Sometimes the leader chooses a design & the form is builded by the obedient angel devas & builders of form around the thoughtform of the leader. Sometimes when such a one does not take the initiative the forcefield assumes the pattern of an etheric focus which previously was active in the locality. Offtimes it has only a vague blurred outline & looks like a vapory cloud in the atmosphere. Of course the more perfect the mental design of the forcefield the more it is shared by the conscious creative centers of the students, the more value it is to Hierarchy.

Beloved Master, we are told these forcefields such as gather over churches during devotional services are dissipated after the ceremony & return to the unformed.

Blessed chela, this is true except where conscious intelligences choose to sustain the form as a permanent radiating center in the atmosphere & sphere in which they have been created. As you have seen clouds dissipated by winds so does the form of a beautiful song, prayer, invocation melt into the atmosphere when the intelligence who has coalesced it in mind, feeling & spoken word relinquishes the magnetic center thru the attention & the life returns to the unformed. However when angel devas, builders of form or elemental spirits volunteer to ensoul a beautiful form it can be sustained for as long as the intelligence chooses to use his own coalescing power as a magnet to retain it. The constant feeding of the forcefield by rhythmic worship, class work, decrees, visualizations & songs strengthens it also, increasing it in size, symmetry of outline, magnetic power & radiating strength as a sphere in influence in a community.

Beloved Master, it would seem then that the purification & mastery of our individual sphere of influence would not only contribute to the light of the world but help us to contribute a constructive battery of harmoniously qualified energies to the particular forcefield we are privileged to nourish by our Presence.

Blessed chela, you have spoken truly. More than words does the silent radiation of your sphere of influence contribute to the light of the world, stimulate the spiritual centers in your fellowman & generally make of you a conductor of Our blessings in this world of form.

I. Angels

Beloved Master, what is an angel?

Blessed chela, an angel is a self-conscious intelligent being created by God just as you have been to fulfill a specific destiny, service & activity.

Beloved Master, what is the destiny, service & activity of the angelic kingdom?

Blessed chela, the angels are primarily beings of feeling. Although they naturally have an intelligent mind consciousness their service is to absorb, condense, transfer & generally radiate the spiritual feelings of God & the messengers of God whom they serve.

Blessed Master, how do the angels perform this service?

Blessed chela, the feeling world of the angel is sensitive in the extreme. Natural proximity to the aura of the Father-Mother God or to the activities of the sacred fire in the temples of Light fills the aura & individual sphere of influence of the angels with a similar quality of radiation. These lovely beings disport themselves in the virtues of the Godhead & become impregnated with the same virtues thru such proximity. Young angels are not required to carry the spiritual radiation they have absorbed to the spheres below the one in which they are born. As the angel matures & develops he desires in himself to be of service to the God who made him. He then begins a course of spiritual training under the great Archangel Jophiel which training prepares him for such spiritual service.

Beloved Master, will you describe briefly this course of training?

Blessed chela, the angel must learn how to sustain the radiation of some specific virtue. He must hold that quality of feeling until he is directed to release the essence of the virtue into the world & atmosphere of some individual who requires assistance.

For instance if the angel desires to become one of the legions of faith in God he is assigned by Lord Jophiel to a temple in the First Realm under one of the directing angels of Lord Michael's Legions. Here he enters the already established momentum of cosmic faith & feels in himself the pulsation, power & vibration of faith. He learns to absorb from the great cosmic heart of Lord Michael the gift of sustained faith. He learns to generate faith in his own emotional body. He learns to sustain that quality of feeling. Then he passes outside the periphery of his teacher's aura & endeavors to hold thru his own conswciousness the faith he enjoyed so freely in the safe compass of another's momentum of faith. Here his strength is measured. Gradually he is able to sustain the quality of faith for longer & longer periods of time as he passes further & further from the aura of his teacher.

Then at the direction of the messengers of faith he is sent on a mission with a guardian angel & many other neophite angels. They carry faith into this physical world where so much misery, disillusionment, unhappiness & distress abide. The angels enter the auras of distraught men, women & children & radiate the faith they have learned to sustain, giving new hope & courage to the hopeless. Just as a radiator emits a comforting warmth into the atmosphere so does the angel radiate a pressure of faith into the spirits of men. When his gift of radiation has performed its service he returns with his superior to again embody the virtue of the Godhead & await further assignments in His name.

Beloved Master, how can mankind magnetize the angels to bless their homes, atmosphere, environment?

Blessed chela, one individual who believes in the existence of the angelic host is a joy to Heaven. Such a one opens the door thru the psychic & astral shell of scepticism, agnosticism & unbelief. This allows the precious virtues which the angels bring to be radiated thru an entire community rendering a service unparalleled to the dispirited sons & daughters of men.

Belief in the existence of the angelic host is one of the greatest ways of magnetizing their Presence in one's aura, home, business & environment. Cultivation of feelings of harmony which remind these beings of their celestial home also draws them close. Beautiful flowers, orderliness, harmonious music & floral scents are all magnetizing activities for the members of this kingdom. Conscious invocation of the angelic host always brings hosts of this kingdom into the group activities where such acknowledgment of their reality is made & invitation given to their cooperative service. The activity of the Seventh Ray is to develop an affinity among the kingdoms of angels, man & elementals. We are grateful for your interest in understanding this kingdom at this time.

Master and Chela: