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F. Flames

Beloved Master, if asked to give a simple definite explanation of the many flames to one who had never studied the work one would be found wanting. Could you help me?

Blessed chela, first comes recognition of the light itself, then love of the light. Later coes a conscious understanding of the flame as an intelligence. From this understanding comes mastery in the direction & use of the flame. You remember the statement of beloved Master St. Germain, "As the conscious is to the unconscious, so is the use of the flame to the recognition of the light." People who have never studied the work must first enjoy the radiation of the light itself, bathe in it, be nourished by it, seek its presence & generally become acquainted with the peace, healing, supply, harmony that comes when one lives within it.

Beloved Master, what is this light to which you refer?

Blessed chela, this light is the natural radiation of harmoniously qualified life. Life radiates constantly. The quality charged into life determines the type of radiation it gives forth. The Presence within the heart, the masters, the angels, the devas all naturally radiate light & it is a comfortable feeling to those who come into proximity with their auras. Students also more than anything else should create such a comfortable feeling in their own auras that new seekers are soothed, blessed, healed & illumined thru contact with that radiating light. Then & then only the seeker will ask how to create for himself such a comfortable, happy, personal atmosphere. The seeker will come to the sanctuaries, temples, homes & foci where the light poured forth from the Presence of God I AM & the perfected beings, as well as the students, gives them a surcease from the turmoil & confusions of their daily living. This is the recognition of the light. Following this recognition & acceptance comes the individual application to learn how to draw, focus, direct & radiate the light, & the seeker becomes a student of the flame activities.

Beloved Master, many good people who know nothing of spiritual law are such radiating centers of comfort & peace even moreso than those who affirm a deeper knowledge of the activities of the flame of God.

Blessed chela, true. They are natural channels & conductors of the gifts of God from their own Presence & Causal Body but are unconscious of how to increase or specifically direct the fullness of cosmic powers of their beings. The students, although their natural radiation may be inferior to many who seem to have no intellectual knowledge of spiritual law, will in time be in conscious control of the powers of the sacred fire as Jesus was & presently is, & not like lovely flowers that radiate beauty, color & pefume but still are at the mercy of whatsoever lifestream shall choose to pick them for a bouquet.

Beloved Master, what is the sacred fire?

Blessed chela, the sacred fire is merely consciously qualified life. As intelligence human or divine draws primal life forth for a specific purpose. Primal life is neutral like water, unformed & seemingly colorless. The intelligence using the wand of power--his own feeling world--charges that primal life with peace, purity, healing, love, opulence, strength, wisdom, & primal life consciously charged by the directing intelligence takes on the color of the quality invoked & the vibratory rate of that quality & becomes the sacred fire. It is that simple.

Beloved Master, is the sacred fire the same as the Unfed Flame?

Blessed chela, the Unfed Flame is the pulsation of the Presence of God within your physical heart, it is one activity of the sacred fire. There are countless activities of sacred fire, hundreds of which have never even been mentioned by the masters to unascended beings. The flame of mercy & compassion is an activity of sacred fire. The healing flame of Jesus & Mary is an activity of the fire. Do you see?

Beloved Master, yes. Then it is the opportunity of every lifestream to qualify primal life passing thru their own heartbeat with some specific radiating power to bless mankind. Then do we become foci of the sacred fire also?

Blessed chela, this is truly the action of the law. I would counsel you to specify a particular quality of impersonal radiation that you would like to give to life & stay with that one quality until you have builded a momentum thru the energy of your aura. The first time some individual recognizes your light & speaks to you of it without your having mentioned your private applications will be one of the happiest experiences on your road to mastery. Those who recognize your light will become applicants for the law of the sacred fire, & thus you are a missionary even without words wherever you move.

Beloved Master, please show me how to do this simply in my daily application.

Blessed chela, thank you for the opportunity. First in silence ask yourself what specific blessing you would like to radiate out to mankind without any man knowing of your service. Determine upon peace, love, harmony, healing,....The actual gift of radiation will be a spiritual benediction to the race, but the training in conscious qualification will be the gift of yourself, & the choice you make of impersonal blessing to life makes little difference in the efficacy of your service. The most important point is your determination to bless life without recognition of self & to learn how to qualify life in a positive manner that can withstand the unbridled energies of others.

Second, after you have chosen a quality of radiation think of some ascended master who is already a cosmic sun of that quality. He will help you considerably to get the rhythm of the feeling of that quality into action thru your own feeling world. If you have chosen healing beloved Jesus will pour to you his confidence & feeling of the power of God to heal. Open your feeling world to the master as you open your vital bodies to the light of the sun. Learn to accept the feelings you wish to give.

Third, after you have gotten acquainted with the feeling you desire to radiate in the privacy of your own room visualize the pure light that flows thru the silver cord into your heart. Then let your feeling world just like a hand pass over that energy & qualify it with the color, quality, radiation you desire.

Fourth, charge the energy from your Presence into that feeling & build a momentum of that feeling into your aura. Visualize your aura charged with that beautiful feeling, quality, color & vibration & wear it as you would wear a beautiful seamless robe. Then move among mankind. At first the hem of your gament may be soiled by contact with your fellowmen but practice makes perfect. Perseverence is essential to mastery. This is how We attained & how you may if you choose. Thank you & God bless you for interest in this subject dear to Our hearts.

G. Helping the Plan of the Master

Beloved Master, to create an interest in the current endeavors of the masters is my desire. How best may I do this?

Blessed chela, thank you for desiring to awaken an interest in Our endeavors. It is gratifying indeed to have members of mankind even accept Us intellectually. When they desire to further Our interests We are pleased indeed. My answer is BY EXAMPLE shall you become of value to Our Cause.

Beloved Master, please explain what You mean in the phrase BY EXAMPLE.

Blessed chela, the world is old. Millions of years has it proceeded together with the other planets in its rhythmic circling of the sun. In all these years many many words have been spoken & written. Some words have entered deeply into the consciousness of men but these words were spoken or written by those whose individual lives manifested the truth within those words. The Master Jesus is such an example of manifest works which accompanied his magnificent explanations of spiritual law.

Beloved Master, how may those of us who do desire to be such an example in your names achieve our purpose?

Blessed chela, the desire to be such an example is the motivation which will manifest the truth thru your consciousness. The acceptance of the responsibility of giving forth the law brings the personal obligation to the teacher of becoming the embodied proof of that law. The acceptance of the tenets of the law anchors the responsibility to become the embodied proof of that law into the world of the student. Those who teach & those who learn should be counseled that each portion of the law which enters the consciousness should be accepted in humility & nourished in love. The appetite for more knowledge before the already received knowledge is assimilated brings an obligatory karma to the soul. One simple expression of the law--Love one another even as I have loved you--would suffice to bring the individual consciousness to the ascension if this were applied thru the personal self.

Beloved Master, would you then suggest we refrain from endeavoring to spread the Word until we are masters of energy & vibration?

Blessed chela, no, because as you learn & apply the law yourself your invested energies may plant seeds into a consciousness which will far surpass your own capacity to embody & externalize truth. Thus you become a conductor according to your own light. However in all your casting of spiritual seed forth neglect not the truth that the law must be embodied in your own nature.

Beloved Master, the example of which you speak, should it be as nearly like You as our consciousness can conceive possible?

Blessed chela, any ascended master becomes a pattern for your own thoughts, feelings, spoken words & actions. The majority of mankind in this Western world are most familiar with beloved Master Jesus. His example & pattern of living have formed the design & measure for many sincere lifestreams who have chosen to embody truth. The imitation of the Christ has transmuted the base in many men & is recommended as the simplest of spiritual exercises for development of divinity.

Beloved Master, to measure every thought, feeling, spoken word & action by the living Presence of Jesus, then, is Your recommendation for becoming the example which will lead others to interest in Your Brotherhood?

Blessed chela, the old & timeworn phrase,, "Actions speak louder than words" holds true for the exponent of spiritual law. Where a man or woman is found who is anchored in personal peace, harmony, health, supply & spiritual tranquility mankind like moths around a flame will gather for the key to the mystery of happiness in this world of distress.

Beloved Master, true divine love then requires that we transform & change our personal natures in order to attract the attention of mankind & open them to inquiry as to Your Service.

Blessed chela, such love is the proof of the professed fidelity of the soul. Upon these few in every age We rely to reach the masses.

Master and Chela: