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D. The Law of Balance

Beloved Master, it is my understanding that the balance we can render to life for the more than ordinary assistance received from the masters is to spread the understanding of spiritual law to other people. Is this true?

Blessed chela, it is truly the just & fair consciousness that realizes that for blessings received there must be equal or greater blessings given. It is to be regretted that so many earnest students feel that the very attitude of receptivity to the masters' instructions is cause for commendation. Rather are they the debtors to the beloved Brothers & Sisters who have forsworn happy freedom in higher realms to remain & invest their energies, their life, their love, in illumining the benighted consciousness of mankind.

Beloved Master, the members of the Great White Brotherhood volunteer to invest their momentums of faith, wisdom, love, healing, etc. in mankind. How can those of us so blessed as to have received their loving counsel, protection & assistance best spread this understanding particularly to orthodox-minded individuals?

Blessed chela, many are the ways & means by which each individual chela may voluntarily dedicate a portion of his energies, substance & developed momentum of consciousness to the forwarding of the evolution of the race. It requires first extreme honesty in the consciousness of the chela who appraises his own worth--spiritual, metnal, emotional & physical. Such a chela upon self-examination sees wherein he can presently be of practical benefit to the development of interest in the will of God. Such present talents are immediately pressed into the work of the moment. At the same time the chela determines within himself to develop thru individual application a more mature, dependable, illumined consciousness & set of vehicles to offer to the master. He engages upon a course of spiritual self-discipline & self-purification, meanwhile not neglecting the many opportunities at hand to lend his presently available store of energies & substance to the development of the greatest good in the current cosmic moment. Many good chelas wile away a lifetime awaiting a cosmic summons, passing the golden door of Opportunity with never a glance at the practical service this Goddess holds in her hopeful hands for present development of the masters' endeavors.

Beloved Master, how can a student wisely determine how much actual service should be rendered to the Brotherhood & how much service to one's own development? How much obligation to family, etc. should be sacrificed to this end?

Blessed chela, the chela who accepts the obligation of more than ordinary instruction, counsel & assistance from the Great White Brotherhood automatically obligates himself to balance that blessing with a proportionate share of impersonal universal service for the progression of the race into greater perfection. No one requires of any man that he apply at the fount of Knowledge, but if he drinks thereof his obligation to life is TO USE the knowledge received for the blessings of the race. He must in wisdom adust his personal affairs & individual obligations in a harmonious manner, pursuing the Middle Way. However, the chela who reaches out his hand & accepts the friendship & life of the masters & then returns to use that energy only in the development of his individual personal world will sooner or later cut himself off from the greater release from Above.

Beloved Master, is it then impossible for individuals with family ties to pursue the spiritual path as a conscious chela?

Blessed chela, no it is not impossible but the initiations for such a one are more difficult. The chela thus engaged in developing a family unit must use that unit as a working-ground wherein he may establish harmony, peace, purity, love, cooperation & spiritual illumination within his smaller sphere of influence. Then by reason of this very testing, trying & training he becomes a powerful force for good in his community & a conductor thru which the masters on occasion may pour their more than ordinary radiation in times of crises.

Beloved Master, how can one best bring the understanding of the masters into one's family & to the attention of one's friends? Is this accepted as a balance for spiritual instruction?

Blessed chela, the bringing of light, harmony, peace, purity & balance into one's home & circle of friends is certainly a partial balance for instruction received. The very best way to do this is by example. Individuals who are close to you will notice & respect the silent mastery you achieve in the controlling of the energies of your physical & inner bodies whereas the catapulting of words at them stirs the rebellions of the centuries toward truth in any guise. I do not counsel propagation of the faith in the family unit thru verbal instruction until the life lived by the chela invokes inquiry from those who will respond to radiation as surely as flowers respond to the light of the sun.

Beloved Master, to spread the understanding of the masters thru placing of literature in auspicious places would seem a service of merit.

Blessed chela, true! Remember however that the spiritual applications preceding the distribution of literature will carry a full 80% of the seeds thus sown. The blessing of the printed word & the invocation of the Holy Christ Selves of those who should benefit by it to joyously receive & cooperate with such instruction yields a mighty harvest. Too many students neglect the powerhouse which lies within the invocation of the Presence of God in their endeavor to accomplish works of merit.

Belvoed Master, how can we best overcome the prejudices of the orthodox consciousness?

Blessed chela, again BY EXAMPLE. There is no teacher like manifest works. When you have what the world wants the world will beat a pathway to your door. Proceed to develop the powers of healing, of precipitation & see the truth in this statement. I counsel that with all thy getting however you call for wisdom, balance, humility, protection & Herculean strength & energy. You will need them because when the surging tides of mankind seek you out--& seek you out they will--it will require all of your spiritual strengths to stand by the unwritten law that governs Hierarchy: The way to enjoy the fruits is to learn how to plant & nourish the tree.

E. Individual Consciousness

Beloved Master, what exactly is individual consciousness?

Blessed chela, individual consciousness is the awareness of being as an intelligent focus of life having the use of energy, faculties, intelligence & freewill by which to create & direct an individual life plan.

Beloved Master, from the moment an individual becomes conscious of himself as an intelligent creative focus of God's divine consciousness is he then responsible for what he adds to the original pure realization of being?

Blessed chela, yes! Individualization is the great gift of God Himself & the awareness of being experienced by every intelligence created by Him precedes any activity, motivation or experimentation with primal life.

Beloved Master, is this original consciousness of purity & awareness of being referred to often as the consciousness of Adam in the Garden of Eden the same as the ascended master consciousness to which we all aspire & which You enjoy?

Blessed chela, definitely no! No more than the innocent consciousness of the infant which becomes aware of his being is the same consciousness as that of the wise sage who has come to a seemingly similar innocence & peace, not by reason of absence of knowledge & experience but rather by reason of the fullness of experience.

Beloved Master, we are told that our bodies, worlds, homes, families & affairs reflect our present consciousness. It is our desire to know how we lost that pure consciousness. How may we return to a consciousness which does perform works in the name of our Father & mankind whose karma & bondage we presently share?

Blessed chela, truly everything externalized in your experiences is projected out of the workshop of your consciousness. Your consciousness today is the sum total of truth & error accepted thru sense reports & general experimentation with the use of life, the invocation & dissemination of energy & the creation of vibration, color, sound & form thru freewill! Everything the individual thinks, feels or does sets up a cause & has an ultimate effect. The reactions & impressions resulting from such experimentation with life build certain fears, phobias, antipathies & concepts of destructive natures which affect the entire course of Earth-life. Then too constructivity, faith, confidence, security & beauty are builded into the consciousnes thru experiences where the lifestream developed certain momentums thru training, self-disciplines & applications. It is with this conglomerate mass of consciousness that Hierarchy must work in order to fulfill the divine plan on Earth.

Beloved Master, did we lose the pure creative consciousness thru experimentation with the creative centers of thought & feeling to design patterns not prompted by God?

Blessed chela, truly this is so! Freewill is the blessing of man, but it has also allowed him to weave for himself any number of shadows which frighten, distress & delay his journey toward the fulfillment of the divine plan. When man determines within himself at last that he does not like his creation & wishes to remove from his consciousness the cause, effect, record & memories that can externalize as imperfection he is then ready for Our assistance.

Beloved Master, we are then asking for Ascended Christ consciousness?

Blessed chela, yes! You are realizing first that the present limitations which exist around you are externalized from your own consciousness. You are willing to call the purifying powers of the sacred fire thru your consciousness & literally have a housecleaning of all conscious & unconscious bitterness, resentments, fears, phobias & all mental pictures of limitations of every kind. This includes the mass acceptance of age, disintegration & death itself!

The story of Jesus driving the moneychangers from the Temple symbolizes this individual purification of conwsciousness. I must warn you however for you have lived so long in the comfortable acceptance of error & halftruths that your outer mind is quite apt to refute the suggestion that even such an activity is necessary. You may measure your world presently externalized against the perfection of the kingdom of Heaven & then in calm unbiased judgment decide whether that which is externalized thru your own consciousness is the ultimate of all good. If not, the root of your limitations lies in this conglomerate mass of invisible energy.

Beloved Master, what is ascended master consciousness?

Blessed chela, it is the Self-conscious intelligence using the creative faculties of thought, feeling & spoken word to create ONLY that which is perfect at will! He may sustain his creation so long as he desires & etherealize that which is no longer of use at will. Such a one has achieved the ascended master consciousness.

Beloved Master, what purpose is there in decreeing if consciousness is the creative center of being?

Blessed chela, the beautiful wisdom of creation has designed certain foci to render specific services. For instance, nature creates hands to do all the manifold acts which bless the individual & life generally. It creates eyes to see, ears to hear & feet to walk. Thus the various bodies of man were created for specific purposes. The mental body was designed to create the mold of perfection, the emotional body to fill the form with life & the physical body with all its members & faculties to externalize the perfected design of consciousness in the world of form. One of the most powerful avenues by which thoughts & feelings become things is thru the power center in the throat in the spoken work! With trained, purified, concentrated consciousness behind the decree, manifestation should express coexistent with the decree. It did for Jesus & for all who are masters over energy & substance! The spoken or mentally formed word becomes the final stepdown transformer by which the desire of manifestation is lowered into the world of form.

Beloved Master, without illumining the consciousness is decreeing efficacious?

Blessed chela, for mastery to manifest in the world of the aspirant individual application on purifying & illumining the consciousness must proceed together with decreeing.

Master and Chela: