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Beloved Master, we must then only worship & love the God that beats your hearts & our own. We must reverence You for service & example. This is the law?

Beloved disciple, the pointing of the chela into the secret place of the Most High, the developing of the chela's capacity to find & draw forth his own God-nature, the enjoyment of sharing the chela's development of his own divine plan thru giving him a method of application, the protection of the chela by wise counsel from the pitfalls on the path, the enfolding of the chela int he substance & radiation of divine love which enters the chela's world thru association with the master in mind & feeling, the constant spurring on of the chela's endeavors to find the highest expression thru his own self-conscious endeavors, the watching & waiting, the activie companionship upon the path--these are the services of the ascended masters.

Beloved Master, is it true that when You accept an unascended being as a chela You guarantee to the cosmic law that the energy You invest in such a chela will be amplified by good works performed thru the self-conscious endeavors of such a chela?

Beloved chela, yes that is true! Life is a gift of God, whehter it is used by a master, an angel, an elemental or a man, & for every spark of the life-force used all must render an accounting Above as well as Below (i.e., in pristine high frequence or dense low freqency of energy). When an intelligence accepts the responsibility of qualifying life he accepts the obligation to use that life to expand perfection. When a master therefore invests his time, energy, counsel, love & companionship in the development of a chela's consciousness, if that chela does not live up to his light the master must balance the investment of his energy in a poor project to the cosmic law. It would be better not to court association with a master unless one expects to serve mankind & the evolution of the planet as a balance for the pleasure of such association.

Beloved Master, is it true then that the master chooses the chela or may a chela by effort of will force an association with a master?

Beloved chela, for the most part the master has chosen the chela centuries before the chela is even aware that there are ascended masters. The master thru past association or particular momentums gathered into the Causal Body of a chela will choose to prepare certain lifestreams for an association in ages yet unborn from the womb of time. Thus the love of the master is the overshadowing Presence that finally causes the chela to awaken to an interest in a particular master, to respond to his name & to feel a complementary vibration thru his inner bodies when working upon a particular ray.

There are occasions however when a bold son or daughter of men proceeds to force an association. By doing good in the name of a master, by drawing his blessings thru the lifestream, by meditating upon him & touching the hem of his spiritual garments (his aura) such a one draws the master's attention by the law of magnetic attraction. An association is then born stemming out of the unascended being's ambitions. This is a more difficult association because like hothouse flowers anything forced requires more attention & care than that which develops thru natural merit & momentums.

Beloved Master, how can we find the particular master who is our sponsor, our guide, our Guru?

Beloved chela, when the pupil is ready the master appears! Until this hour beware the subtle projections from the many selves which seek to glorify the ego. The natural development of your own spiritual nature will release a warm, pleasant, relaxed glow when you are under the radiation of your master. Be careful that personality is not exalted in the meditations of your heart. The master will mute self & glorify God. Blessings on you, child, more next time.

C. Human Judgment

Beloved Master, why is it that so many earnest spiritually-minded men & women suffer financial lack & physical distresses? Should not these men & women be among the manifest examples of opulence & health?

Beloved chela, truly such individuals should be the manifest example of all that is beautiful, good & perfect, not only for their own happiness, security & wellbeing but because such people represent Us in the world of form. Those who rest smugly & complacently in their own willful pursuits of pleasure use just such an argument to discredit the earnest ones on the path. The words "If thou be the Christ come down from the corss" have been echoed thru the centuries in one form or another by many spiritually sightless sons & daughters of men. One day in the distant future such a challenge will echo thru their own consciousness as well!

To answer completely why such apparent contradictions between affirmed faith & works exist would require a volume of written words. However, for the comfort of the dear ones who writhe self-consciously upon their respective crosses & feel self-condemnation for such affirmations of limitation I shall enumerate a few reasons as follows. First, each man who sets his feet upon the spiritual path must begin just where he is, not where he would like to be. Profession of faith, offers of service & acceptance of service do not change the heritage of personal karma any more than application for a position in the world of form & acceptance by the employer change the qualifications of the applicant. The master like the employer accepts the candidate for service upon reasonable confirmation that a certain qualified momentum of talent is available for use in a given position. The master like the employer must rely upon the candidate himself to live up to his own greatest light & then thru voluntary study & application raise himself to greater efficacy in the endeavor at hand. The candidate for spiritual knowledge is by the very reason of his present interest in spiritual study usually one who has devoted a goodly part of his energies thru the centuries to developing spiritual powers, ofttimes to the neglect of his physical wellbeing as well as his financial security. The law being wholly impersonal only releases thru the consciousness that which is held in mind, thought & feelings. If man has not contemplated beauty, opulence & the various gifts of plenty in this world there is no mold, no form, no channel thru which primal life may flow to externalize these gifts in his experience. Thus such a one must learn to balance his abstract devotions with practical mastery of the creative process of molding out of thought beautiful designs & energizing them with feeling, bringing them into form as ways & means of increasing the individual ability to serve the cause & the master. Even in Our octave We must design & form that which We desire before it is precipitated into Our hands & use.

Second, the student upon the path immediately comes under an accelerated action of the Law of Cause & Effect. The energy returning to each must be returned to such a one to be purified, transmuted & returned to God in the same perfect expression with which it was received from Him. Thus such students have much more to handle as their energies return than mankind at large whose returning energies are held in abeyance, in mercy, until they learn the Law of Transmutation. Otherwise they would be overwhelmed by the karmic retribution & no spiritual advancement could be made in that earth-life. The cosmic law is that no soul can receive more destructive karma back into his experience in one life than his developed consciousness can transmute & master. Let all who read take heart thereby for no student is allowed by the Karmic Board to receive into his experience any appearance which he cannot by his own light transmute at the very time it is received. Therefore in the experiences of life rejoice that the law has felt your consciousness developed enough to receive calmly & transmute perfectly any shadows that appear temporarily upon the screen of your life.

Third, every student is a part of the mass karma of the race, nation, planet, evolution to which he belongs. The conscious students volunteer to accept the added service of dissolving much of this mass karma along with their own even as Jesus assumed & transmuted much of the karma of the world thru his experience at Calvary.

Fourth, strong individuals, further, sometimes volunteer in a cosmic moment to stand as a spiritual guard around certain dedicated lifestreams screening out the directed energies visible & invisible that would seek to destroy the heart-center of such movements. Thus beloved Joseph & blessed Mary assumed much karma acting as a guard around the sensitive energies of the pure consciousness of Jesus. Let no man look at another in judgment for that one might well be working out the karma that would otherwise weigh heavily upon another soul.

Fifth, the seeming happiness, security & wellbeing of the individuals in the world is builded on good endeavors in the past, true, but it has no assurance of permanence until the consciousness can create & sustain such conditions at will. Those born to great affluence or physical perfection have earned that luxury & perfection but while it is an unconscious enjoyment born of no conscious knowledge of the Law of Precipitation, Healing & Peace, it is as fleeting as the sunshine that plays on the grateful man but which at a passing cloud is gone--the man unable to recreate the sun being merely an unconscious receiver of a benefit enjoyed but fleeting.

The individuals who have placed their feet upon the spiritual path will find no security, happiness nor permanent peace in being the unconscious recipients of the gifts of Dame Fortune. They must become conscious of the powers of creation in the mental body, the powers of animation in the feeling body & the powers of externalization thru the coupling of practical, dedicated, directed physical energies thru the flesh. Then no outer person, place, condition nor circumstance will affect their tranquility, security & peace. It is such training that ofttimes withholds temporary surcease because the outer consciousness is so easily assuage when it has received its desire, & unless the law itself is mastered no further effort would be forthcoming by the individual until the gift so given was exhausted. Then the consciousness violently begins again the spasmodic endeavor to recreate a condition of ease in which to slumber on.

Sixth, the soul of the average individual spends a good hundred to one thousand years in the octaves of light between embodiments which allows the individual to gather much reserve energy in the emotional & mental bodies to work out much accumulation of discord in the etheric body & to return to Earth-life refreshed in spirit. Those who are engaged in the spiritual push of the hour have sacrificed this sojourn in the heavenly realms & its consequent reprieve from the vicissitudeds of earthly experience, some of them reembodying within a year after laying down the previous Earth-garment, a few even abandoning one body before its dissolution & accepting another. This sacrifice often is apparent in seeming lack of physical energies as well as nervous tensions. All of these factors are the results of conscious sacrifice upon the part of individuals who are looked upon by the very beneficiaries of their selflessness with scorn & question. Be unconcerned, for We were so treated before you.

Master and Chela: