Saint Germain in Pearls of Wisdom, quotes

Freedom comes to mankind because they allow freedom to come to others. Freedom itself is a flame. Beloved ones, the power of your own attention is the switch which you must close in order to release yourselves from the power of human d0mination. We are conditioned by the precise action of the law of God in action which itself is the Light that does not fail....When mankind therefore will love freedom enough to seek it with all their heart they will obtain it as many have & as you can this have but to make the call. But I think, beloved ones, that the hour of the divine appearing which is at hand is bringing many to a sense of victory that shall eventuate in America's freedom manifesting to a greater degree, & the freedom of the world shall be obtained in due course of time. It is not the desire of the ascended masters to force mankind into a religion that is not the religion of their choice. But it is the determination of the ascended masters to clear the cobwebs & the false doctrines from the air, from the water, from the earth & from the etheric bodies of all mankind, so that in their freedom & in their exercise of freewill they will make right choices. & thus I say, if you would lay the foundation for the seventh root race--for souls desiring to precipitate & to take their place--understand, precisou hearts, that we need servants of light who will stand united, stand & still stand, & remain in the oneness of the flame, remain constant in their dedication & invocation against all odds....It is my profound privilege to stand before you in this place dedicated to the Mother Flame long ago & in the New Atlanta to anchor my fire of freedom. I AM your defender of freedom for eternity! Hail, New Atlanteans! Rise! -SG, 9-3-73, Pearl 20:44-5

America is as the Little Red Riding Hood, & so America does not recognize the wolf who comes, the wolf who comes in disguise asking for more & more & more parcels of land, commodities, technology, food, science, money--whatever. So the wolves come, they come to the land of the Mother & those fallen ones--those cowards, those compromisers who have taken the seat of authority, wresting the authority from the children of light--are content to parcel away this nation & pieces of earth nation by nation, city by city, without any regard for souls, for freedom, for light. This Earth is hanging in the balance--the balance scales of Libra--in the destiny of america. The mighty blue eagle from Sirius carries those balance scales in his beak, & they are balanced as long as light-bearers are sufficient to offset the darkness....& the great barrier to the bringing in of the golden age in America & in Terra is human selfishness....& I tell you this day, I send forth the rebuke of the Darjeeling Council (of God's will) to the government of this nation & to the rulers & to the elite who call themselves the elite & yet are not the elect of God!...You must BE the nation centered in selflessness which gives forth the light, the protection, the perfection of the defense of freedom in every nation upon Earth where freedom is threatened by the dragon of world communism! America, do you see what your leaders are doing today? Where there is a battle to be fought you leave all else to the side. You do what counts for God, for country & for Christ. To those who are the true Keepers of the Flame the call that is given is once given & it is enough for a century of laboring in the vineyards of the Lord. This is the hour & the century of the turning point for Terra, for her evolutions & for opportunity. From Taiwan they (the Taiwanese light-bearers aided by others) will back up the Communist forces across China, across the mainland, across Russia. All that we require are hearts & voices uplifted, dedicated, willing to make the invocations, willing to give the last breath to those invocations. There is no other way except by decree & prayer that Heaven can penetrate earth. Therefore, children of the One, hear my call! -SG, 12-8-75, Pearl 20:47-8

We cannot deprive America or the light-bearers of their freewill. Therefore you will decide. I bow my head as I call to the Elohim to release the thunder that will awaken you to cosmic purpose! There is no other purpose but cosmic purpose! There is no other life but the living unto God, for all will be lost unless you get out from that self-centered existence & stop your selfish pursuits. Therefore, let those who see the seriousness of the hour appeal to the great God-star, to Surya & Cuzco, to strip America of selfishness, to strip the West Coast & the East Coast of the records of the fallen ones & the fall of Mu & Atlantis, which also fell by selfishness that became wickedness & the perversion of God thru Satanism. Let all of that be stripped from the Earth by the action of the mighty blue eagle! ("Come, flame of Sirius, counsel of the Four & Twenty Elders, intercession of Surya & angels of Sirius in the formation of a great blue eagle to that point in Terra necessary now." -Invocation recommended by Archeia Hope, 1975) Let all realize that every heart who is one with the heart of the ascended masters is a part of this mighty, invincible, indomitable spiral of light that is rising from the physical plane of Mater to greet the light of God that is descending. It is by this spiral, this intensity of light & action & truth & living for God that there is the connection of Heaven & earth. & it takes a greater & greater intensity because of the greater & greater levels of selfishness that comes out of the subconscious of the people to lull them to sleep with that animal magnetism of the senses. Shame on you who have failed to give your decrees daily! -SG, 3-7-76, Retreat of the Resurrection Spiral, Colorado Springs, Pearl 20:49

(Some incarnations of Saint Germain: Samuel the Prophet, Joseph the protector of Jesus & Mary, St. Alban, Proclus, Merlin the Alchemist, Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus & Francis Bacon.)

Let it be understood that the archdeceivers of mankind have a bag of tricks. But it is only a bag, & there are only a limited number of tricks within that bag. I say, SEIZE that bag & run with it & put it to the torch! ...As I mentioned, when mistakes are made, when there is the slip 'twixt the cup & the lip & the torch is dropped it is always in a moment, a moment when by pride or insecurity harmony is forsaken. -SG, 7-4-76, Pearl 20:50, 20:52

Love brings to the fruit of the tree & of the Tree of Life & of the Word of God the highest meaning of all teachings that have come forth thru the I AM Activity, thru Theosophy, even thru the Bridge to Freedom. Yes, the highest truths have yet to bear their fruit by the full manifestation of love. -SG, 8-11-91, Pearl 34:41

"Mighty I AM, let every member of the race put on Saint Germain's bright robes of freedom; help me to see this." -Invocation recommended by Elohim Victoria, 9-22-55, in Bridge to Freedom Journal

"I call forth the dawn & expansion of the mighty Christ light of the world that shall banish the darkness of ignorance & usher in to all receptive the overcoming power of Victory's realm." -Invocation recommended by Archangel Zadkiel, Pearl of Wisdom, 1964

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