Remember, hearts of Light, it is the darkness that is without that some gaze upon--the darkness of imperfection which the multitudes do not distinguish from the deep & beautiful Light of the abiding Presence of perfection within the being of man. Life as it is currently being lived upon earth is full of masks & deceits but this need not continue. After all, beloved ones, what you really are is what endures. The need for the reeducation of man's vision that he might perceive beauty, & then honor & adore it for its affinitizing power, is very great in an age when all that is sacred is being torn down by the forces of antichrist. The comedies & tragedies of the past with their residue of opaquing substance, the maya of maudlin memories, will continue to oppress the seeker on the path, but once the man of God realizes within his self that he can be free because he is freeborn, he need no longer be bound--he is no longer bound. -Paul the Venetian, Pearl 14:45

Thus, wherer the communication of evil is increased upon the planetary body, unless equal time is given to training in cosmic Law & spiritual admonishment, goading man toward the recognition of perfection as legitimate goal, he is bound to suffer from the epidemic of human folly that is sweeping the globe. Let us give thanks to God this day for all of His manifold blessings, & let us free a world enslaved by the bondages of former years. -St. Germain, Pearl 14:46

You understand how the children walking across the bridge perceived not the glory of their guardian angel, yet the guardian angel perceived them & was able to give them grace to pass safely over the dangers that lay ahead. -Archangel Michael, 10-24-71, Colorado Springs, in Pearl 14:46

As long as the individual can fool himself into believing that he is the doer, that his noble & brilliant acts are performed independently of the Creator & without connection to the tides of life directed by the Holy Spirit, he will ultimately fail to benefit from the power of God & to harness the divine wind. But we will not give up. Life never defies the perfection of nature or nature's child, it never mocks those who try, or scourges those who are struggling on the brink of the hill. Greater far than the mortal levers that move men, the virtues of the Son of God are the cosmic levers that move gods & angels. These are obtained thru an acknowledged dependence upon the divine Graces of the Spirt, thru surrender & humility--"Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit," saith the Lord. But all must one day reckon with the motivating factors of their lives, for at the nexus of man's decision-making faculty--where motive determines the flow of energy in thought, word & deed--the lever of karma falls either to the right or to the left of the Law unless the blaze of perfection be struck. We do not ask man to be faithless; we ask him to believe, & our asking is based on the knowledge of the divine Opportunity that comes to those who call the Holy Spirit into action in their lives. -Maha Chohan, Pearl 14:47

Never in the history of the universe, upon any planet or system of worlds has darkness triumphed. Where darkness has been temporarily sustained thru the misuse of free will, it has ultimately destroyed itself & those who have given it life. Their place is no more, for only in Light is Self-conscious being sustained. Why do they (individuals) permit others to take indecent liberties with the pure seed energies implanted from the hand of God, which fresh from His heart & being take root in the fertile soil of the soul? But when each individual takes his stand with divine Love & determines that nothing shall stop him from completing his appointed round, that nothing shall halt or delay the onrushing of his energies back to the heart of God, brimming with the fruits of service, then life as precious moments of opportunity will not be lost. -Archangel Chamuel, Pearl 14:48

Saint Germain: Pearls of Wisdom, quotes

Think you then that God cannot also reveal Himself in this day & age as He did before? I AM here to claim freedom for man & woman & child, for every heart on Earth that beats with the heart of Almighty God. But I tell you, people of Earth, it is up to you to claim that freedom...claim it in the name of the I AM THAT I AM. Understand then that this Earth is intended to be governed by the souls of light. Take your place in government & stand for truth & stand for freedom! & this is the true & the only revolution that you can espouse. It is that cause of freedom whereby you understand that the goal & the calling of America & every true free nation is to lead mankind into that way of higher consciousness. It is a revolution of light that will allow all that is not aright on Earth to be righted by the law of freedom & by that baptism of the sacred fire. Understand then that it is movement to the great God-Self within that is your salvation in this age, that all problems of the economy, the ecology & the government can be resolved if you will take only ten minutes each day to go within & to find your own God-Self, to meditate & to use the science of the spoken Word whereby you chant the mantra of the free: I AM a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires! This is my mantra which I give to you as your initiation into the Aquarian Age. When you use the name of God to claim the I AM as God's being & beness within you, then you have that claim to all which follows, & therefore you can take the mantra of Jesus Christ: I AM the way, the truth & the life, & you may participate in that glorious life that He lived. I bring to you now the energies of the sacred heart of Jesus, the energies of the sacred heart of Mary & of my own heart's consecration to the way of freedom. I bring to you the knowledge of the sacred fire & the threefold flame that beats your very own heart. The threefold flame is the gift of life. & it is your joint heirship with the Christ who proved Himself to be the incarnation of the Word as Father, Son & Holy Spirit were the heartbeat & the energy of his ministry. Behold then the chart of your own I AM Presence which was revealed to Moses as the I AM THAT I AM. Behold the individualization of the God-flame whereby you can claim oneness with the Most High. I say to you, people of light, accept your mission of the ages! People of America, pray for those who are not free in every way & safeguard your heritage of freedom. I salute you in the flame of my heart. -SG, 6-11-77, Pearl 20:31

Because the forces of shadow in the world community are legion & are everywhere dispersed, it requires great vision for men to be able to see them & to ferret them out & to recognize that in keeping the flame of Almighty God they must stand for something, not against everything....For the eyes of the American people are blinded to reality, for they do not understand the mission of the Christ that has come as the lightning from the East & moved unto the West. Nor do they understand the peace & radiation of the Buddha who came to the East. Nor do they understand the life that beats their hearts. Nor do they understand the very manifestation of our contact which we are bringing forth this day & contacting mankind in embodied form that we might insipre them with the need to keep the flame & to hold high the torch of freedom that freedom shall not perish from the Earth. Look & behold the salvation of our God, the power to roll back by Heaven's rod the plagues that have come to this nation, that as a cloud of flies has infested the land & caused men & women everywhere to fail to understand brotherhood & peace. -SG, 4-13-68, Pearl 20:32-33

A great nation rides upon the backs, so to speak, of its people, & it is no stronger than the weakest link of its people. To strengthen the cause of freedom, then, strengthen the flame of freedom within the hearts of men. Give them an understanding of God, of the simplicity of childhood, that they may realize that their own lives & their privileges are indeed a blessing of incomparable magnitude. Give to the scientists of the world more power than they now have & their danger is increased, unless they can understand the spiritual philosophy of the brotherhood of man. Consciousness must then be purified in order to appreciate the purposes of God....You can mend the flaws! -SG, 7-4-62, Pearl 20:34-5

For there is only one God & one purpose that valiantly brings to humanity the power of quickening conditions whereby they themselves can take themselves out of the status of becoming the into that realm where they are indeed the quick....Do you understand that each time an individual from this octave crosses the bridge--rises into the atmosphere pulsating as light frequencies--that it creates a new skein of antahkarana, a new filling of the gap between the human & the divine? I am called Sanctus Germanus & I come to you this day that I might express a little more of the love & fashion of Heaven for you. -SG, 10-11-71, Pearl 20:36-7

The battle is yours. We will aid you in everywhere that we can. But there are times when you place within their (benign souls') hands the knowledge of the sordidness of the world only to find that they lose heart first in the world & then subsequently in you, & turning to disbelief, will doubt that all of the threats now imperilling mankind really do exist....Quite naturally we do agree that the knowledge of man's intent must be spread abroad--I refer here to man's vile intent--but it must not be dwelled upon, for we must see to it that the positive actions we will take in the world will counteract all of the negativity that threatens freedom. Build men up in Christ consciousness & they will not be touched by the minions of darkness. Build men up in the mind of God, & the mind of Satan loses its appeal. Build men up in an outreach for Cosmic Christ accomplishment & they are not so concerned with temporal goals. When you keep that flame I tell you it will not be content because of its expandable nature to rest upon its laurels. Do you see clearly then that you must fear no evil, for God is with you? Our Father, remove banal images from existence & let all the light of the Christ from the Cave of Symbols (at the Royal Teton) come forth this day. Peace & victory unto you. -SG, 7-4-70, Pearl 20:38-9

Beloved friends of freedom, artisans of good works, children of the dawn, freedom as a vital force in mortal affairs is not only the requirement of this age but of all ages. But once they (men) seek to elevate themselves out of the domain of the ordinary, once they determine that they are going to manifest & exhibit--in the face of all mankind & in the teeth of every adversity--those conditions which will establish them once & for all as a son of Almighty God & a lover of freedom's flame, then at that moment the forces bent on destruction will usually league themselves together & bring all manner of discouraging manifestations into view. The test involved in this matter, the acid test, is whether individuals can overthrow these disturbing conditions, establish themselves once again in that state of pure balance which realizes that it is God's will pitted against human delusion, & thus they will see to it that God's will is established first & foremost in their life....I would like to call to your attention, in Heaven's name, that all you need to do in many cases is to make a simple call to your own divine Presence & say, "(Beloved) mighty I AM Presence, manifest the fullness of your love thru me now! (3x)" We say, then, let there be a continuation of good faith, of good will, of freedom & love for one another, for in this wise do men actually provide a pathway to the skies for their fallen brothers. -SG, 7-20-68, Pearl 20:40-1

Pearl notes:

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