The way of perfection is the natural way of the aura. But almost as a mania individuals seldom fail to misqualify the energies of their lives, bringing their very nerves into a taut state. They become like a tightened spring of energy wound in erratic layers, & they refuse the stablilizing influences of the Christ mind & the divine Heart. Having no other energy they are compelled to use this which they have locked in the coil of their mental & emotional incongruities. Thus thru psychic imbalance the spring is sprung & the impure substance of the aura pours forth in a putrid stream. All of the delicate refinements of the soul & the natural cuture & grace of the Holy Spirit are spilled upon the ground, & the kingdom of Heaven is denied the opportunity to function thru the individual auric pattern. Yet in moments of naked truth men & women admit their inner need, & their hearts & minds cry out for the preservation of the immortal soul within them. -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:32

Discernment becomes difficult. Only the heart of the arhat like a straight arrow flies into the arms of God. The tower of man's strength is ever true spirituality. -El Morya, Pearl 14:33

Simplicity is the keynote of spiritual discernment. The dearest fruit of the ages/ Tumbles from the Tree to the ground;/ In hope man raises it upward--/ His esteem is a magnet of faith/ To draw humanity higher/ Away from their toys & their ploys,/ Accenting the beauty of Heaven/ & bringing to all God-poise. We extend our hands thru the veil, & the name of the veil is hope. Our hands are hands of charity. Won't you accept the proffered gift in faith? For without this trinity of action man would sleep & dream, perhaps nevermore to wake. The seed of the living Word shall not return to us void or unfruitful. Life shall triumph over death, & the mountain of the Lord's anointing shall inundate the brutishness of human thought with the oil of mercy. -Enoch, Pearl 14:34

How like a game our solicitude must appear to those who have ears to hear but hear not, whose memory of other spheres has not been quickned. That we should come from realms of Light to speak to man today stretches their brittle imaginations to the breaking-point. "Preposterous! Fraudulent! Hypocritical!" is their unenlightened comment on the greatest phenomenon of the ages--the passing of Truth ex cathedra from God to man. Nevertheless, this frail yet noble possiblity is the treasure of our heart--for in speaking unto those who believe that we are, we capture a singular opportunity divinely ordained to weave the mighty conduit of communion with those who require the thrust of our attention & the fires of Heaven's love in order to grow in grace & wax strong in the knowledge of the Lord. Let them understand that the love of God is the spiral of the universe...the Life-fount, that it is immortality bestowed, that it is communion with the most valiant & beautiful spirits that have ever coexisted in divine Love. But unless men can direct into the chalice of future action each portion of heavenly substance, each erg of cosmic energy entrusted to them, at the same time holding hope as a beacon light upon a hill which cannot be hid, they may not know Him in this life, they may not find the truth that sets men free & for them the days may not be shortened. -Archangel Chamuel, Pearl 14:36

The ability to work change is inherent within the domain of man's free will; hence men speak of cell mutation, without regard to the process of transmutation whereby benign change can be consistently directed both by man as the initator & by God as the Preceptor under whose unerring guidance the inherent patterns of perfection reappear. In ages past on the continents of Lemuria & Atlantis, long before the fiat of God went forth, "Henceforth shall every seed bear after its kind!", frightful mutations & weird forms were created thru the experiments of black magicians. In their mad craze for personal grandeur, phenomena & power over others they fail to apprehend Life's opportunity & the fiery destiny of man. Those who sidestep the true & only path of attainment learn by devious methods & the misuse of the chakras to create vortices of darkness on the astral as well as the physical plane; thus they establish hypnotic forcefields of control whereby they exert an unwholesome influence over embodied & disembodied souls. -Hilarion, Pearl 14:37

Often it happens in the world of form that those who profess to do the will of God exhibit hatred & discourtesy on sight to those they consider far from cosmic grace. Outer organizations may come & go but the golden Light of the everlasting dawn emanating from the Ancient of Days, from the heart of Enoch, the seventh from Adam, & from each man's own heart shall reveal to him the glory of God in His purposes. -Morya, Pearl 14:38

Man is not going to get out of the universe even by the process of physical self-destruction. Let not your hearts be troubled, then, neither be afraid when confronted by the spectres of man's confusion arrayed before you in the daily newspapers. -Maha Chohan, Pearl 14:39

May I ask of the devotees of the Light wherever they are that they remember the power of mercy not as a bending branch of willow or a hollow bamboo stalk, but as a shaft of courage & integrity that no man can sway. -Kwan Yin, Pearl 14:40

Will you serve with us, beloved ones? You may place your right hand upon your heart & draw forth the flame of mercy therefrom, which you then qualify as the sword of mercy. & what is this sword? It is the living Word, it is the power of the flame of the Holy Spirit. If you will but keep the flame of Life blazing within your heart & make the call for it to come into manifestation, you will have at your disposal a most powerful instrument of God for the healing of the nations & the victory of the Light in all mankind. Become calm & centered in the Presence of God within, call to me in the name of your God Presence & your Christ-self, & then draw forth the sword of mercy & behold the action of the Christ. -Kwan Yin: The Sword of Mercy, given at Pyramid Conference, Oct 1969, in Pearl 14:40

I think also that the knowledge & light of Truth may easily become a lash to the outer man, yet we know without question that the outer man must be conquered. -Maitreya, Pearl 14:41

For I come with legions of blue lightning from the heart of the Sun. & they are ready, they are waiting, & they are most willing to manifest the will of God in the hearts of all mankind--to expand it in the heart of the atom, to call to the rocks to quicken the hearts of elemental life & to say: the hour is come for the fulfillment of the will of God upon this planetary home, let the chips fall where they may! I Hercules have come with legions determined to brook no interference with the will of God upon this planetary home, & amazonia stands with me focusing the power of Omega as I stand in the place of Alpha. O mankind of Earth! Receive the blue fire of the Great Central Sun & know that the hour is come for the dividing of the way. Blue lightning is the holy will of God. & if you expect to find salvation you must become that lightning--you must invoke it, you must will it, you must hear it crckle & you must understand that wherever you go, before you, behind you, to your right & left, above, beneath & in the center of your heartflame, there blue lightning fire goes with you. For you are living in a time of great density when there is a requirement to shatter & consume! shatter & consume! shatter & consume! the astral muck & debris thru which you must daily walk & breathe & move. -Elohim Hercules, Freedom Rally 1971 dictation in Pearl 14:41

Those lacking the constancy of the tall pines which remain fixed for generations, those who like potted plants prize their mobility & above all their freedom to prescribe their own form may one day find that the earth itself will deny them. Of necessity these (continual proddings of God's spirit) will also provide him (man) with the understanding of how psychic energies are siphoned from the masses by the dark ones, how they are restructured, restyled, requalified & sent forth to produce breaches in the wall of spirit that like holes in cheese add nothing to the infinite plan....compromise is of all acts most detestable to us. There is no excuse for the pointing finger of accusation. What a pity that men remember evils--or imagine them--when the cornucopia that showers bounty hangs just overhead. -Morya, Pearl 14:42

For doubt is the wall that man erects between himself & his God, & it is a self-imposed penalty that only he can remove thru corrective measures. Unfortunately those who dissipate the divine gifts of mercy & grace, either thru misqualification of the God-ordained intent or by spending the Light upon paltry human desires, will one day find that they are without the answers to their prayers. Those who believe that "God is " simply because their own concepts of Him are lifeless find no difficulty in applying the same concepts to the Ascended Hosts of Light, thereby relegating us to the realm of the . Oh what a pity it is that men do not understand the need to express patience toward other parts of life! When they are on the receiving end of this & other gifts of God they hold out expectant hands. -Mother Mary, Pearl 14:43

Let no one despair because of the apparent intensification of evil upon the planet. Rather, let all understand that this is to be expected from the hordes of darkness--those who have not taken advantage of their opportunity to walk thru the doorway that leads to their divine estate. Thus they expend their dying breath in defiance of the Light to which they may never again have direct access & in which they may finally be extinguished, though the process require centuries or even millenniums. In matters of progressive revelation God continues to speak to man today, breaking the bread of the living Word. If men are bound to the roots of error or even of stultifying dogma, refusing to build upon those fundamental precepts taught them as children, then they must remain children until they choose to become otherwise. Yet men can find within themselves the white stone that reveals to the one who touches it the eternal truth even as it purifies his consciousness. -Pallas Athena, Pearl 14:44

Pearl notes:

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