From our retreat in the Rocky Mountains near Colorado Springs flows the love of our heart's eye. Beholding immaculately, we invoke in all life a greater realization of man's inner power over the field of his own consciousness. All of man's acts, the great & the small, take on new meaning when he realizes that his consciousness is a gift of the Spirit Most Holy. The saddest part of this misadventure (of the worldly-simple) is that humanity seldom realize that into what to them seems a relatively unimportant matter--the education of their youth--goes the entire adventure of their own becoming. For so long as humanitary are kept busy in the toils of their karma, which as a treadmill regurgitates their experiences & spills them forth as a vile suds upon one another, so long shall they be bound to the world of form. O humanity, hearken to thy cosmic Teachers who are no longer removed into a corner but stand before thee face to face to reveal the truth of the ages & the law of thy being! The way of the great Law is also plain: whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. The advent of cosmic Truth can be brought to bear upon human needs if hearts will open & respond. If they will not, & I speak to each little spark of the divine Spirit, I AM certain that we will not be allowed from our level to interfere with human free will. In reality man is like unto a hill, one that we would till & cultivate, for the cutivation of the spirit of man & of spiritual goals is our desire. If they neglect the training of their children, they are neglecting the most vital part of the structuring of the social order. When it is time for them to reembody, who will teach them what they have not taught the very ones who shall bring them forth? -Tabor, God of the mountains, Pearl 14:15

Now we stand at the crossroads of Light & darkness. Man is crucified upon a cross of iron & steel that he himself has erected. The mechanistic diorama which appears everywhere on the horizon has multiplied vaiegation & destroyed simplicity. People long for a quiet spot in the country, by the sea or in the mountains. There are many crafty ones who take advantage of the tempest in the teapot that is typical of society today. The people are not "dumb cattle" as the manipulators suppose; they are becoming increasingly aware of the manipulation of the news media & the gross economic deceits practiced against them....& we see the need for the millions of mankind to focalize the spotlight of their attention not upon those dribbles of human emotion that splash upon the floor of the human playground, but upon the realities of the human soul that sparkle from within & shed light upon every human problem. O sons of Liberty, awake! -St. Germain, Pearl 14:18

Hierarchy acts with His permission, in His name & as the extension of Himself. The burden of perception is upon man. Let the idle & the careless pass by. Light expands from within; & the kingdom of the individual, sharing the open sesame of cosmic invocation, brings no dishonor to any but to all the understanding of a vessel of honor God-made. -Morya, Pearl 14:19

But when they (men) pause long enough in their busyness to ponder upon the flow of divine Love into their consciousness, when they consider the magnitude of the divine intent, they are almost immediately polarized to a Godward movement. No longer is it a question of not liking what the day brings, but of understanding that whatever happens--even a matter involving karmic return wherein they become the recipients of that misqualified energy which they had formerly sent out--theirs is to joyously balance life's energy, to set it free & thereby free themselves & all life forever from whatever condition they at one time sent out into the world. The spiritual garnering of hly wisdom from the heart of God requires the mind of a little child. God is not devious, beloved hearts. He is as clear as a bell pouring forth the notes of the magical flute of spiritual comprehension. -Nada, Pearl 14:20

Beloved God Presence of me, take command of my four lower bodies & of my being & world. Create & sustain in me a perfect picture of the divine design so wonderfully & fearfully created. See that this action of thy divine Eye picture of my being is established in the forcefield of my whole being & that it maketh me whole both now & forever. See that this mighty focus is expanded without limit, establishing forever the pattern of the divine design in the temple immaculate which I AM. Conceive in me anew a clean heart & restore in me the fullness of a right mind in action which shall remove all distortions in my flesh form & mental body, bringing about & establishing in me the wondrous purity of God as it descends bearing the great power of the bells of freedom which shall ring in my soul saying:

With the sounding of the death knell I spell an end to human creation which would give power to disease & the wrong use of divine substance & light's energy. I call forth & I invoke & I AM the fullness of the infinite Immanuel--God with me & within me, God established here, God in all His purity, God that is the manchild that taketh dominion here & now in my being & world & is the fullness of my immortal perfection conferring upon me the eternal vestments of God which shall be without end in accordance with the jewel-like perfect design, the holy symmetry of the ageless perfection of my being. All this I AM!

All this I ever shall be & all this shall manifest in all & be all, for God alone is in His holy temple & all of the world & its discordant voices shall keep silent before the perfection of my being until the dominion of God is given to the whole Earth. The earth which I AM is the Lord's & the fullness thereof. The earthen vessel which I AM shall now become the refined gold of the Holy Spirit. The radiant power of that Spirit shall stream forth from my heart's light & kindle around me the aura of the infinite One. Circling me now is the angelic power of light & the magnetization of light! & the magnification of light! & the attenuation of light over the entire planetary body! -affirmation by Archangel Raphael, Easter Class 1964, in Pearl 14:20

The world today emanates an aura not at all resembling the Christic aura of the universal Christ consciousness; & the bulk of the people remain in ignorance of the simplest cosmic Truths because the powers of darkness that are in the world have accomplished the distortions of the scriptures which they desired long long ago. Thus do the emotions of mankind often falsely amplify misqualified thoughts & feelings to the point where a dominant position is assumed by these misqualified feelings. -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:21

To see others clearly, beloved, remember that man must first perceive in himself the beautiful crystal of cosmic Purity. Will you follow the Christ of your own being in this regeneration? -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:23

The opportunity to express the perfection of the Holy Spirit, when rightly apprehended, enables man to fashion the wedding garment of his very Christed being. The commonsense approach to the realities of God is to be found in depth in the being of man. -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:24

Consciousness must be regarded as man's connection with his source, & its flexibility as man's greatest asset, yet when wrongly used it is his greatest weakness. The Brotherhood beckons to the many. The many can respond. -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:25

His (Jesus') entire effort was to demonstrate what man can do & what man can be when he unites with the God-flame. This is the key to your creative mastery. You must increase your understanding of the magnificence of flow--the flow of the little electrons in their pure fiery state that seem to dance with total abandon & then to march like little soldiers in precision formation--now disbanding as they assume what at first may seem to be erratic shapes, now regrouping in their intricate geometric patterns. Do not be deceived. The Light is yours to behold. The Light is yours to be. Claim it. Identify with it. You cannot cast yourself upon the rock & not be broken. -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:27

You did not begin upon the path in order to become involved in strife. You must pass thru the portals alone; you must be strengthened by your own effort. & you must also face the denizens of defeat & darkness that you once allowed free rein in your own arena of thought & feeling. slay these you must by the sword of spiritual discrimination, thus building an aura of use to the masters of the Great White Brotherhood. You can receive both from without & from within, of the strengthening Light that maketh man truly aware that he can be in his aura & in his very being of beings a shield of God--impenetrable, indomitable & victorious. I remain firm in the love of the purpose of your being, Kuthumi. Pearl 14:28

What a pity that some men lack the sweet simplicity of heart & mind that would allow them to speak unto the angels! By their sophistication, their worldly-wise spirit, their hardness of heart & their refusal to be trapped by the plots of Heaven, they literally cut themselves off from so much joy & beauty; & their lives are barren because of it....the spurning of the angelic hosts by an ignorant humanity has caused many to fall under the negative influences of the dark powers that hover in the atmosphere, seeking to destroy mankind's peace, power & purity. Your aura, the garment of God given to you, was designed to intensify His love. Do not tear it, do not carelessly force it open, but as a swaddling garment of love & Light keep it tightly wrapped around you. It is so unnecessary for a distraught humanity engaged in numerous wars & commotions betwixt themselves to also launch an offensive against those who in truth defend every man's Christhood in the name of God. -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:29

God does not angrily impute to man that which he already has done unto himself thru the misuse of free will....Illumined thoughts & illumined feelings will enable individual man & humanity--striving together as one body--to cast into the discard pile those thoughts & feelings & actions not worthy to become a part of the superstructure of the temple of being. -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:30-1

Pearl notes:

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