ascended masters from Pearls of Wisdom, 1971:

As has been said, one speaks of angels & hears the rush of their wings, for even when the consciousness is engrossed with outer darkness, the inner flame continues to burn, silently opposing the entire weight of man's human creation by its own forcefield of cosmic clarity. Let them (men) understand that while Heaven has love for the prodigal son of creation, that love is tethered to the reality of cosmic Law. Here cosmic Law registers the very moment that man allows it to by surrendering conditions of hindering darkness & by careful obedience to its precepts, thereby creating within himself the matrices of personal victory. Man was not created to be a puppet of his or another's negativity. He was intended to bear the torch of higher wisdom on Earth as a part of the eternal quest. By overcoming outer conditions man loses nothing but becomes the recipient of the vastness of the universal mind of God. But how shall we convince humanity, who cannot see in the good fruit of human endeavor the reality of the soul & the potential for ever greater things? We have been summoned by the Solar Lords to assist you in the high adventure of instructing the humanity of Earth in the correct ways of fulfilling their own God-design; therefore I say, let it be done! Let the deterrent forces be cast aside by a giant whirlwind of the Holy Spirit! Let new vistas unfold out of the cosmic diorama locked within the souls of men, until at last the hopes of the world are filled & the powers of Light are secure in their own domain. -Goddess of Liberty, Pearl 14:2

Dear hearts, it is by leaving all progress to God & by simply drinking in the very atmosphere of illumination's flame that you will naturally increase the dominion of your consciousness. It is by using the faculties of the mind & soul to penetrate the intricacy & beauty first of the physical universe & then of the spiritual universe within that you will move forward in the fulfillment of your divine plan. For in a very real sense every man is the keeper of his own lighthouse: either he hides the beacon within the self-centeredness of his being or he opens wide the shutters of his life so that the inner Light can guide all men. Mortals struggle to grasp the Light they know not of, flashing out their hidden strengths in puny outer-world activities. Their existence is almost a figment of someone's imagination, having a dreamlike quality of unreality. They feel boxed in & well might they, for their souls are packaged in a synthetic society & there is no way for them to express the great reality that God is. But one day they shall burst the bounds of their confinement, & with the stretching of the cosmic sinews their entire consciousness will suddenly blossom into glory. The Light liveth, the Lord liveth, & this year He is looking for the transformation of many new souls come from the darkness of worldly thought into the Light & freedom of His mind. -Hilarion, Pearl 14:3

He finds that he is able to govern outer circumstances, for the Lord who said, "Take dominion over the earth!" reinforces His decree by producing self-mastery in the soul. & that self-mastery will never be satisfied with less than total victory over all conditions less than the perfection of the divine plan. By conquering mortal self as well as mortal conditions, man finds the way of true humility which is the way of overcoming victory. But when at last man understands that God is Love & that he must prepare himself to receive the host of that eternal Love within himself, he experiences the communion that evokes the consciousness of the Holy Grail. As man begins to divide the Light & darkness in himself, he is able to gauge the worth of the accumulation, & albeit a great deal suitable only for burning will have to be cast into the flame, he will in the process gather little jewels of consciousness. It is the call of a new age that garners strength because men understand themselves as an aspect of deity, because they are no longer fearful to advance into the Light. Oh how often humanity have trapped themselves & allowed themselves to be literally fenced in with barbaric ideas when the infinite Love of God is so real & practical. For it is purity of motive & intent that structures the soul to newness of life. -Meta, Patroness of the healing arts, Pearl 14:4

We want you, then, to understand that we have chosen as the universal thoughtform for this year the symbol of a great cosmic golden ring. In the center of this great cosmic golden ring is held in the background the image of a world or globe. Superimposed on that you will find the upper figure in the Chart of the Presence, or the Causal Body of every man (Earth suspended within Causal Body spheres). This thoughtform signifies that the salvation of the planetary body shall also be the transcendent glory & beauty of the I AM Presence in all of its radiant power, as it is acknowledged more & more by humanity. -Gautama Buddha, Royal Teton 1971 New Year Message, transcript excerpt in Pearl 14:4

At the same time they (men) should be vigilant in defense of the Christ Light, seeking to curb the nefarious influences of the sons of Belial upon their children, upon their governments & upon the educational systems of the world. So many would put on the pole of power before they are given the gift of wisdom & the gift of beautiful love. Peace, be still! The waves of mass emotion, choppy, engulfing & humanly erratic, are quieted by the command of the Christ, becoming thereby a calm reflector of the splendor of the Light. The mind can also be stilled, becoming the bearer of good tidings & holy wisdom as the mind of Christ or of God. Now, let us call upon the powers of Light & let us divest the whole self, as each man is able to surrender, of these undesirable fluctuations that prevent him from realizing God as spirit enfolding all & teaching all to mimic the divine plan & to avoid contact with the arm of flesh & those worldly spirits that wraithlike, demonlike, bring man into a sea of emotional turmoil. You are creations of vastness, but unless the cup of your consciousness be rightly enlarged, you remain as unborn sons. -Cha Ara, son of Meta, Pearl 14:5

All restraint then when it is legal from the standpoint of cosmic law--or as we have called it, cosmically legitimate--is imposed only upon those who are yet inept in the application of the Law, who are wanderers without knowledge. These Heaven seeks to restrain from committing those acts that in the name of freedom would become the binding cords of their own future karma. -St. Germain, Pearl 14:6

When we stress the importance of the dedication of the individual life to God, it means that we believe that the kingdom of Heaven must first manifest within the individual before it can manifest in the world on a larger scale. -Mary the Mother, Pearl 14:8

By deviation men are moved & by devotion men are also moved. -Morya, Pearl 14:9

Out of human greed men have robbed the golden waving grain of the natural life-giving elements. Man does not fancy himself an ant pressed beneath the boot of world karma, yet in the Armageddonlike conspiracy of world karma that he is weaving from day to day--thru his neglect of the Holy Spirit & his failure to properly train the young--his very life opportunity is being literally snuffed out. -Maha Chohan, Pearl 14:10

Wherever the wall of partition exists between heart & mind, wherever one predominates over the other, there is bound to be an imbalance in the expression of the Christ--whether the corpselike gloom of the carnal mind that goes about classifying & devouring everything & everyone with its cutting criticism, or the unbridled passions of fruitless desire issuing from a heart untutored & impure. -Jesus Christ, Pearl 14:11

Long established in the business of tearing apart, they seldom reckon with the intense need, from both a spiritual & a material standpoint, to put together. When he accepts the proffered gift thru that valiant flow which is the spirit of overcoming victory, man understands his own divinity & the great fact that God wills it so. -Archangel Michael, Pearl 14:12

Without recognition of their divinity, without compassion for their humanity, civilization cannot mount; the nations of the world will be as nothing--reduced to the chaos of whistling winds shrieking in the dark night of their souls' anguish & desolation. -Maitreya, Pearl 14:13

Compassion for man's ignorance goes hand in hand with that sternness of the Law which compelled the Christ to speak fervently to his disciples, "What, could ye not watch with Me one hour?" -John the Beloved, Pearl 14:14

"Oh, shed Thy Light on me!" The grace & Light of God have not changed their nature thru the long centuries of mankind's submersion in a material consciousness. The brothers & sisters of our Lord must go onward mindful of Him, realizing that the best fruits of good example to the errant ones is fervent devotion to the unwavering principle of His Love. The cup of cold water given in the name of Christ is the elixir of hope to a world maddened by blackness & despair. Man lays in the creche of his own rude making the vital immortal image of the Son of God. -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:16

Then from the heights of communion with reality he (man) will begin to untangle the skeins of the world web of deceit which, originating with the few, has gnarled the lives of billions of Earth's evolutions. -Paul the Venetian, Pearl 14:17

Pearl notes:

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