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various ascended masters on man's problem of self-rule:

May the renewal of peace abide in all. In the stillness of Purpose each new day is born. "Life is more than meat," He once said (Matt 6:25). & so we extend to man the proffered gift of perfect balance in the Threefold Flame which stills the soul in the midst of turmoil & shows him clearly that as the Father works he must also work (John 5:17). Ours is to train up the child in the way he should go (Prov. 22:6). Ours is to reach out as never before to counteract those conditions in both the ideological & the physical marts that are the destroyers of life. Ours is to bind up the wounds of the world, to comfort the broken-hearted (Luke 12:3), & to let the truth as fact literally flood the earth, carving the pathway of the hidden Dream (divine design) that shall no longer be hidden. -Gautama Buddha, Pearl 14:1

You therefore have the divine authority to discern the fruit of the spirit in the lives of others, to apprise yourself of what is right & what is wrong, to shun evil & to expose its lie wherever manifest. But when you exercise this right, you should do so impersonally & with humility--sitting not in the seat of the scornful but ever beholding the reality of the christ in those who have temporarily come under a sinister influence. Jesus said, "Judge not that ye be not judged." Therefore you must beware not to judge the individual, whose heart only the Lord doth know, but his fruits; for by his fruits you shall know what is acting in his world & with what forces he has aligned his consciousness. Those who truly love God make calls to the Karmic Board for the illumination of those whose energies have been darkened by denigratory deeds. -Divine Director, Pearl 14:35

Thrust forth the concept of the common weal! It is silly that the blind prefer an unkind wind which blows no good to anyone. First let us open men's eyes; let us reveal the panorama of perception as our initial act of liberation. & then love of truth will break old & useless ties without so much as the flicker of an eyelid. All the king's horses & all the king's men may not be able to put things together again, but certainly the only reason for this is that mankind consciously wills it so. While man surfeits, the dear Earth perishes in purpose. How valorious the pathway of truth, how vainglorious the pathway of self-indulgence! -Morya El, Pearl 14:42

The fact that individuals have turned the pathway of selflessness into the pathway of selfishness is due not alone to their lack of knowledge but to their great lack of conclusive faith in the ultimate goodness of God. & when the triumph of an individual's faith brings him at last out of the smoke of doubt & self-delusion into the fire of cosmic purpose, how very wonderful is the counsel of God to each one concerning his life that is so precious. Each life like a locket around the neck of the living God is the fulfillment of a wish He made as He fashioned the soul, a wish for its creative expression & for the best gifts to adorn the Christ aborning in each one of His children. -Mother Mary, Pearl 14:43

Thus, let men understand truth as the flower of the Christ, the Rose of Sharon unfolding its petals within the heart & mind--as a spiral of understanding that rises in the being & consciousness of man. Let them also pray for guidance, that they may receive initiation into those steps of the Law which reveal Christ as the ever-widening circle of the Mind of God. It is obvious to the careful observer that mankind in this age have tampered with the workings of natural law & that in their analytical yet highly subjective view of life they have distorted many facts & figures to their own advantage. Nevertheless there is a place where the record remains inviolate. & the Flame shall burn ever more brighty, not in the dungeons men create within, but in the open window & open door. -Pallas Athena, Pearl 14:44

Nevertheless, the Lord's intent remains the goal of life for every man. May God provide a vision, an all-seeing eye,/ That like a globe of fire elevates & ennobles the soul/ Until at last each one's own passion for freedom/ Reaches out to convey to others the strength of Beauty's shining. -Paul the Venetian, Pearl 14:45

The continuity of life when the quality thereof is ascendant provides for the gradual magnification of the beautiful purpose envisioned in the eye of God when He first created man in His own image & likeness. A spiritual renaissance of true culture is imminent; & if it does not come to pass it will be solely the result of mankind's attention to the banal & darkening concepts that have far too long held sway in the world of form. When men accept the precepts of the Christ into the sacred cloisters of their lives, activating them in reverent thoughts & deeds, these precepts become once again the bread of the living Word multiplied thru the alchemy of service. -St. Germain, Pearl 14:46

By adding daily to the universal joy & love of the Holy Spirit thru the fountainhead of your own life, o mankind, you may unselfishly, as is God's way, let your light shine before men. -Maha Chohan, Pearl 14:47

For one day in the not too distant future, perceiving their own hapless & almost helpless state, men will turn with joyous hearts to the oncoming tides of universal love. I AM an archangel, & my love & assistance are yours for the asking, but the great Law requires that you ask. They (men) will see that the bane of negative karma ought to be swallowed up together with the sea of man's negative emotions & replaced by the calm crystal sea of fire that signifies the acceptance by the individual of the Edenic day of perfection's shining. -Archangel Chamuel, Pearl 14:48

By using the lens of the mind to critically measure the life & services of another, they (men) become aware only of the negatives, & without realizing it they formulate a mental caricature, a grotesque exaggeration of the human consciousness wholly apart from the real heart & motive of the individual....(thus) humanity's great need for the mediatorship of Christ, whose consciousness acts as a screening device, allowing only the images of perfection to rise to the throne of reality. But at the divine level the pure & beautiful concepts of God for each soul hold him inviolate in the character of the beloved Son. The supper of the Lord is a communion of hearts that reveals the infinite capacity of the holy fires of Love, together with the spirit of men's devotions, to cross the threshold of man's awareness & transport him into the bliss of God's awareness. -John the Beloved, Pearl 14:49

Yet the hungers of the soul go unassuaged when those bidden to the marriage feast decline the Lord's invitation. We see the seeds of fire within the minute portions of material substance as the dwellingplace of God. God as energy, as Light locked within the fire seed of the atom is thereby (via man's misqualification of energy) imprisoned in unsuitable forms; & only thru invoking transmutation by the power of the Holy Sprit can man undo his wrong & bring about the salvation of that matter upon which he has superimposed his evil consciousness. The forming of Christ, the forming of God as the spiritual identity of man must take precedence over the evolution of the ego relative to the physical plane. To choose the Light is the only way. Thus man lifts up the thoughts of his mind to perceive the star of his own everlastingness that appears as a sign in the heavens. -Orion, Pearl 14:50

There is a certitude within the heart that rings out the truth for all time. When the concept of be-ness--I AM THAT I AM--is seized by the mind, it cleaves to the mighty recognition of Life that tongue may not utter & that eye may not behold. This is the way that mortal mind would opaque from the vision of men; but those who dwell in the tents of the godly that like stars are encamped round about those who fear Him are not moved from the central purpose of Life. If ever there was a child of the devil it is that one who sustains the concept of belittlement of self or belittlement of others; for the demons of belittlement have again & again destroyed the confidence of the children of God in the mission of Christ. The Morning Star is the original, pure & perfect pattern held in the Mind of God from the earliest beginning whereby there can & will be conveyed to every soul the allness of universal perfection, that the soul & consciousness may expand in the divine image into the realm of self-mastery. -Jesus Christ, Pearl 14:51

The day of the savage is past. By stilling the mind the passions of adversity are understood as passing. If Heaven can be perfect in patience, should man be less perfect? Struggle, straggle & strife--these go together. We should call them the ministry of confusion. Be truly illumined, thus the shaft of righteousness shall be a two-edge sword. Jealousy is the root cause behind most conflict....glory is its (the soul's) pattern & strength is its asset. We adorn with simple Christ-jewels: perception, devotion, unification. In every way shall the path to our abode be mounted. -Morya El, Pearl 14:52

Our Brotherhood, ministering to countless lives, dedicates itself to the perfection of each one. -Morya El, Christmas 1971 letter from Darjeeling

copyright 1971 by The Summit Lighthouse, Box 5000, Livingston, Montana, all rights reserved

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