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various masters on man's problem of self-rule:

Everywhere the moneychangers would enter the temple... -Gautama, Pearls of Wisdom, 14:1

Out of ignorance many among humanity refuse to surrender their consciousness to the higher powers of Light, nor will they hold their tapers to the torches of Heaven for divine illumination. -Goddess of Liberty, Pearl 14:2

It is not our intention that any should become unduly upset upon discovering those evil elements in society which have been present for generations. All should recognize the operation of the law of cycles, the inevitability of the harvest when the tares will be gathered in bundles & burned. -Cha Ara, Pearl 14:5

Unless one's protection issues from the purity of the Christ consciousness, one is helpless against the inroads of the night visitors; thus do vile men badly motivate those who are inherently good. -St. Germain, Pearl 14:7

Let it be understood that when they (men) are moved by these "powers" to do that which they ought not to do, it is because they have first consented in little things to engage in acts of perfidy against the reality of the eternal truth. -Morya, Pearl 14:9

The world has often sought an end to armed confict, but who will end human bigotry, religious intolerance & the scum of immorality that corrode the souls of men? -Maha Chohan, Pearl 14:10

Wherever the wall of partition exists between heart & mind, wherever one predominates over the other, there is bound to be an imbalance in the expression of the Christ (within)--whether the corpselike gloom of the carnal mind that goes about classifying & devouring everything & everyone with its cutting criticism, or the unbridled passions of fruitless desire issuing from a heart untutored & impure. -Jesus Christ, Pearl 14:11

Yet human attitudes are so blithe, & at the same time so prone to belittlement, molded as they are in the age-old spirit of mockery. -Archangel Michael, Pearl 14:12

Those who know how to divide humanity have been quite successful in so doing. -Maitreya, Pearl 14:13

Whenever a man is persuaded to move against divine grace, against the promptings of the inner voice, to commit those acts that are a violation of cosmic harmony, he is creating an etching upon his soul that will remain... -John the Beloved, Pearl 14:14

It is man & man alone who, by the schisms he has created between himself & his God through his doubts of his own immortal destiny & his questioning of the divine plan, has frustrated the grace that God has & is from manifesting right where it is so badly needed. -Tabor, Pearl 14:15

Let other men shed the skin of their bad example in the world order! -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:16

Instead, what amounts to a cloak-&-dagger situation is & has been going on during this entire century & many before, & so the various segments of the people have danced as puppets not only in the minds of the puppeteers but also in actuality. People must be loyal to principle, not to personality--let the chips fall where they may! Above all, men must not allow themselves to be driven by a competitive or a self-righteous spirit into a state of fury where, in defending their so-called rights, they destroy a culture & an age & then go down themselves with the destructive spirals they have initiated. The fierce determination of the hordes of darkness to capture the minds of the youth of the world, that they may reap in one Babylonian world-government of chaos the very wave of the future generation is something to behold at inner levels. -St. Germain, Pearl 14:18

Wrongly qualified love is a drain down which the energies of humanity flow. -Nada, Pearl 14:20

Both world & individual problems have been prolonged entirely because of the vibrational patine of blackened & tarry substance with which man has coated his very being & then refused to surrender. -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:22

Wheras in a relative sense one man may attain greater mastery than another in the manipulation of energy within a finite circle, this in no way guarantees that the big frog in the little pond will be able to navigate in the circle of the infinite. -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:26

There are many who are at various stages of mastering the control of negative energy & manipulating their fellowmen by a wide range of tactics & techniques. If a planet is to fulfill its destiny, it must have those who can work in the Light of God that never fails, unhampered by the forces of antichrist that would if they could tear down every noble endeavor of the sons & daughters of God. -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:28

...for man metes out his own punishment by denying himself access to the grace of God through his infringement of the Law. Oh, be selective! Oh, be perfective in all your doings! For someone is assigned to watch & wait with you until the moment comes when you can watch & wait with others. -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:30

How easy it is for individuals to accept primitive as well as intellectual ideas that rationalize the thrust of ego upon ego, without ever analyzing the attitude & the aura of the masses who are saturated with the concept of oneness as the blending of human personalities. The oneness men should seek to understand & manifest is that of the individuality of God reflected in man. The illusion of the self must remain an illusion until the self is surrendered; therefore men ready & willing to be delivered from the bondage of a self-centered existence into the infinite capacities of the God-Self must surrender unconditionally to the Divine Ego. -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:31

But almost as a mania individuals seldom fail to misqualify the energies of their lives, bringing their very nerves into a taut state. They become like a tightened spring of energy wound in erratic layers, & they refuse the stabilizing influences of the Christ mind & the divine heart. Having no other energy, they are compelled to use this which they have locked in the coil of their mental & emotional incongruities. Thus through psychic imbalance the spring is sprung & the impure substance of the aura pours forth in a putrid stream. All of the delicate refinements of the soul & the natural culture & grace of the Holy Spirit are spilled upon the ground; & the kingdom of Heaven is denied the opportunity to function through the individual auric pattern. Yet in moments of naked truth men & women admit their inner need, & their hearts & minds cry out for the preservation of the immortal soul within them. -Kuthumi, Pearl 14:32

The nets of the gray ones are tenuous, dripping with drops of "good" & "evil." The spoilers are currently in the ascendancy only because of the lethargy of those who cry, "The cause is lost." Fear not to cry out against darkness. -El Morya, Pearl 14:33

We extend our hands through the veil, & the name of the veil is hope. Our hands are hands of charity. Won't you accept the proffered gift in faith? For without this trinity of action man would sleep & dream, perhaps nevermore to wake. The seed of the living Word shall not return to us void or unfruitful. -Enoch, Pearl 14:34

As a point of spiritual discernment the students of Light ought to examine carefully the activities of the spoilers, so-called by reason of their immature conduct & their alliance with the powers of darkness, who utter unfounded statements against the laborers in the Father's vineyard. The presence of individuals upon the planetary body who espouse the cause of darkness should therefore come as no surprise to the students of Light. Let them be wary then of such as these, & let them see to it that they never underestimate the evil intent of these wolves in sheep's clothing! -Great Divine Director, Pearl 14:35

Humanity, so often burdened by the myriad demands made upon them by Dame Circumstance, fail to apprehend just what the divine plan is for themselves, their nation or their world. Little do they realize in their busyness how the purposeless nets of sense delusion & the forcefields of ingrained habit they have woven keep them from contact with Heaven which to many still seems but a cloistered reality. Half in doubt, half in fear they remain unaware of the strength of Love. Often their tiny egos become absorptive of every erg of energy which Heaven has granted them. But now, even in their blind reaching-out, they begin to appreciate His consciousness & to benefit from the ideals with which He would mold the minds of all as the one means of integrating them into the fiery heart of His love & being. But unless men can direct into the chalice of future action each portion of heavenly substance, each erg of cosmic energy entrusted to them, at the same time holding hope as a beacon light upon a hill which cannot be hid, they may not know Him in this life, they may not find the truth that sets men free & for them the days may not be shortened. -Archangel Chamuel, Pearl 14:36

However, when tethered to the human will the outer mind aborts the natural tendency of the soul to rise; & any change that is wrought follows a downward spiral leading not from glory to glory but to mutations in the personality, both subtle & violent. This is that pride in self-sufficiency which goeth before the fall of man's energies into the density of the astral. -Hilarion, Pearl 14:37

Often it happens in the world of form that those who profess to do the will of God exhibit on sight hatred & discourtesy to those who they consider far from cosmic grace. Let none profane this purity or mistake these efforts for mortal ones, for the Great White Brotherhood places its supernal seal upon the Summit Lighthouse as an avenue of such cosmic virtue as to claim it holy. It shall stand as a mantle of white Light upon the face of the earth. Its Light-rays shall penetrate with cosmic worth thru the dark night of human density, dispelling all of the concentration of mortal intensity until at last, gleaming brightly thru the mists of time, it will stand in full view the symbol of man's worth to God. -Morya El, Pearl 14:38

& then there is the matter of platitudes, which because men have heard them before, lose the appeal of newness. Hence they have a tendency to reject truth because of its garments as they often do one another. This is ever folly, for if one will look carefully he will see that it is the spirit that giveth life & the letter that killeth. The molding of a better world by the spiritual processes of molding better individuals is the work of the Brotherhood. Wise is the chela who begins then in full faith to pursue the understanding that will give him the advantage over every mortal condition thru purity of thought, word & deed. -Maha Chohan, Pearl 14:39

To those who cherish mercy's flame as the beacon of hope to civilization: when the wick is placed in the oil, the fuel for the flame rises by capillary attraction. & when the gentle dropping of the oil of mercy saturates his consciousness he (man) will also understand the role that others play in the drama of life. The inflexibility of the mercy of the Law is the ultimate source of man's freedom. -Kwan Yin, Pearl 14:40

Meanwhile, unfortunate devices of cruelty are being employed to promote bigotry, prejudice & misunderstanding among men. -Maitreya, Pearl 14:41

To the right or to the left mankind shall fall & the sword shall rend in twain the garment, & the Light of God that never fails shall determine whether man shall be immortal or no more. -Hercules' dictation excerpt from Freedom 1971 in Pearl 14:41

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