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X. The Causal Body

Beloved Master, what exactly is the Causal Body?

Blessed chela, the Causal Body is the forcefield created around the individual's I AM Presence.

Beloved Master, how is this Causal Body created?

Blessed chela, when the individual I AM Presence is projected from Its God-parents an individualized focus of the immortal victorious Threefold Flame of God is created. This individualized focus has the potential powers of the God-parents, i. e., It can think, feel, create from primal life that which It desires thru the use of freewill. The attention of the I AM Presence thus created magnetizes primal life from its source & directs this primal life into some type of constructive activity. The result of such direction returns to its creator & director & becomes a qualified radiation & virtue around the I AM Presence.

Beloved Master, are all Causal Bodies alike?

Blessed chela, no! Each individual I AM Presence uses the prerogative of freewill & engages in different experimentations with the use of life in the seven inner spheres. The size of the various color bands which form the Causal Body is determined by whatever type of endeavor has taken the most energy, attention, time, application & service of the individual I AM Presence. The largest band of color determines to which ray the individual I AM Presence belongs.

Beloved Master, after physical embodiment has taken place can the personality then created contribute to this Causal Body?

Blessed chela, yes. All endeavor, secular & spiritual, involves the use of energy. This energy qualified by some specific constructive endeavor rises & becomes a part of the Causal Body of the individual even when he is out of physical embodiment, or sojourning at inner levels between embodiments.

Beloved Master, of what use is this Causal Body at cosmic levels?

Blessed chela, as It forms a battery of energy around the I AM Presence of each lifestream which energy is already qualified & charged with perfection, the Causal Body can be & is used by the Presence as a momentum upon which that Presence draws to direct & focus Its rays at cosmic, ascended master & angelic realms thus helping in the activity of cosmic creation. The more energy qualified constructively, the larger the Causal Body of the I AM Presence & thus the greater pressure of radiation is created which forms the drive behind the rays sent forth by that Presence.

Beloved Master, of what use is this Causal Body in the physical appearance world?

Blessed chela, the momentums of faith, wisdom, love, purity, concentration, ministration or invocation in the individual's Causal Body qualify the unascended being to serve in the progress of the race along some specific line. The release of the full-gathered momentum of the Causal Body thru the physical, etheric, mental & emotional bodies of the unascended lifestream is the purpose for the service of the Maha Chohan particularly.

Beloved Master, how can unascended individuals release the good of their Causal Bodies for practical use?

Blessed chela, first, by recognizing the fact that these momentums are already gathered around his own I AM Presence. Second, by desiring to purify the four lower bodies so that the I AM Presence can & will release the gifts & powers of the individual's Causal Body thru the Christ Flame within the heart. Third, by actually cooperating in such purification by the use of the violet fire of transmutation & the kind of services of Lord Michael, Astrea the Elohim of Purity & all who are concerned with purification of the outer self. Fourth, standing alone in the privacy of one's own room & raising the arms to form a cup of the upper part of the body dynamically charge all the good of the Causal Body into the physical, etheric, mental & emotional bodies for the use of the outer self to give greater blessing to all the life he contacts. The activity of doing something with the upraised hands gives confidence to the outer self when dealing with so-called invisible powers. Quickly bringing the hands down allowing them to be conductors of the gifts of the Causal Body in, thru & around the individual gives this sense of confidence.

Beloved Master, how can the individual know what particular momentums are gathered in his own Causal Body?

Blessed chela, this is not necessary. As the individual truly begins to invoke the full-gathered cosmic momentums of his own Causal Body thru his lower vehicles he will gain the feeling of the positive energy from within that glorious storehouse of all good. The intellect here does not need to cooperate. In fact, predetermined intellectual knowledge is rather a detriment to this application. Just know It is there. Reach up & charge It into, thru & around you & the result will speak for itself.

Beloved Master, what does the Causal Body look like?

Blessed chela, It is formed of seven concentric bands of color around the individual I AM Presence. It is the spiritual aura of the I AM Presence.

Beloved Master, is there any other service this Causal Body can render besides helping the I AM Presence to cooperate in the activities of creation at cosmic levels & expressing Itself thru the outer personality?

Blessed chela, yes, when only 51% of the energy of the entire lifestream is qualified with perfection & anchored within the Causal Body it acts as a magnet assisting the individual to ascend. Thus It becomes the cause of the ascension from whence comes Its name, the Causal Body.

Y. Thy Kingdom Come

Beloved Master, how can we know God's will when we must rely upon the integrity, spiritual honor & purity of unascended lifestreams who represent that will to us in so many & varied forms?

Blessed chela, discrimination, wisdom & understanding--all attributes of the Second Ray--must be consciously invoked from the I AM Presence & from those who represent that ray in the ascended master realm. This causes the light of illumination to arise from with the heart which light then permeates the mind, feelings & brain consciousness.

Beloved Master, spiritual freedom is much stressed in the doctrines of today. How can we discriminate between the personal opinions of ourselves & our teachers & Your directions or that of our own I AM Presence?

Blessed chela, the measure of your teachings & also your personal promptings by comparison with the nature of God will clearly define their origin. That which endeavors to stimulate the feelings, thoughts, actions & spoken words toward externalization of the Holy Spirit are of God. That which even most subtly stimulates the lower bodies & soul to personal aggrandizement & inflation of the separate ego is not of God.

Beloved Master, sometimes we feel deeply, sincerely & honestly prompted to follow a course of action in complete variance with the law as presented by men & women. What accounts for this?

Blessed chela, first, the ray to which you belong will cause you to have an affinity toward certain devotions, spiritual exercises & practices, second, the far more subtle desires of the emotions, thoughts & memories of the past will seek life, continuity of expression & importance thru securing the cooperation of your yet untransmuted soul. These promptings are often not recognized as of human origin for the natural tendency of the evolving soul is to outpicture the subtle feelings, thoughts & human nature created thru ages past. Examine honestly the motive behind such promptings & you will easily discover whether they are the divine impression of the I AM Presence & ascended host or the buried ambitions of the outer self.

Beloved Master, beloved Jesus taught us to pray "Thy kingdom come! Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!" This prayer we earnestly desire to repeat in the pattern of our lives. How can we make these words live in our personal & group activities?

Blessed chela, first you must remember the other statement of your Master Jesus: "Except ye become as a little child ye shall not enter the kingdom of Heaven." This means renouncing all the accretions of mental concepts, of inharmonious, suspicious & impure feelings & the acceptance of the Father I AM as a real, a living Presence! The individual must become STILL & KNOW that I AM Presence. Then ALLOW IT to flow freely thru the imperfectly qualified energies of the outer self. When one feels that Peace he is in the kingdom of Heaven. There is the false peace of personal self-justification & there is the real Peace which not only fills the individual's world but emanates from him as the light flows from the sun. This real Peace need not be affirmed, claimed nor boasted about because in Itself it is proof of the alignment of the outer self with its source!

Z. Lord Maitreya: Consecrate Yourself to Service

How can I describe the association between a guru & a chela? It is closer far more than any physical or spiritual tie of mother & child because it is built on the hope of the God-free to externalize thru that bond a divine plan. The energies of Life from the Consciousness of the One abiding in the full spirit of freedom depends on the frail thread of energy thru the bond of consciousness for fulfillment & externalization.

It is not enough to contemplate the beauty of the inner spheres, not enough to share communion of the saints, not enough to bask in the love of those Friends who guard you! This is the day when you must give & consecrate your feeling world to your master, & at any moment allow Him to flash thru it hope, confidence, courage or peace to any man, woman or child that requires it at any instant as you move along the daily pathway of your existence. Consecrate yourself to the master.

Beloved ones, there is much to contemplate in the life of your master! There is much to embody thru the energies of your own world, to intensify & increase the power of the Christ where you stand. Let us then BE about our Father's business, let those who profess to love God LOOSEN the Presence from within, & LET that Presence go free in active works. I summon you! Where there was one Christ now there must be many! Where there was one master of light there must now be ten billion strong! Where one white-robed figure, hair bronzed in the sun, rode triumphantly into Jerusalem stopping every once in a while to feel the soft ears of the sweet donkey, to give a blessing & benediction as He passed, where there was one such now there must be many! Join then with the great beings of Light in a consecration of yourself & of your life-energies to Service!